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POEMS Internet

Developed in 1996, POEMS (Phillip's On-line Electronic Mart System) is specifically designed for the independent investor who prefers the convenience of trading on-line.

With POEMS, you will gain access to a whole range of features including live prices, news updates, technical charting, research commentaries and portfolio valuation.


Benefit of POEMS Internet Trading

  • One-Stop Trading System
    POEMS internet allows you to monitor the pulse of leading stock exchanges and trade with ease as you can place your stocks orders from home or office if you have internet connection.

    Leading stock exchanges including:-

    Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX),
    New York
    Stock Exchange (NYSE),
    National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ)
    American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
    Bursa Malaysia (KLSE)
    Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK)

    Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
    Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
    Stock Exchange (LSE)

    The trading of futures and foreign exchange (FX) is easy with POEMS Futures FX. Spot foreign exchange of the world's most heavily traded currencies (USD, Yen, Euro, etc.) are traded on a margined or leveraged basis.

    Investors can also hedge their positions in the equity markets with SGX-DT futures contracts such as the MSCI Singapore, Taiwan, Hang Seng, Nikkei 225 Stock Indices and many others on a margin basis. In addition you can also trade in Unit Trust via POEMS.

  • Direct Trading
    POEMS links your orders directly to the SGX via online trading requiring no manual intervention. POEMS on-line service is available round the clock and orders placed through the system are immediately received and routed to the SGX during market hours.

  • Easy Settlement
    Trade settlement is simple and hassle free. Besides cash and cheque payments, the Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS) service with the major banks in Singapore allows sales proceeds to be automatically credited into the investors' bank accounts, whilst payments can be made through the ATMs or internet banking.

  • Dataline
    Incorporated into POEMS, Dataline provides easy access to in-depth fundamental report and analyses of all listed companies on the SGX, KLSE and SEHK. Investors can access the PE Ratios, NTA, Balance Sheet Summaries, Profit and Loss Statement for the last five financial years, as well as research recommendations and commentaries at the click of a mouse.

  • Portfolio Management
    Monitor the returns of your investment with our Portfolio View which calculates your weighted average investment costs and mark them to real-time market prices, so that you, the investor, will be able to gain an edge in the stock market.

    Obtain an edge in your investment today by opening a POEMS account

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