IPO Financing


IPO Financing is a special financing scheme which allows clients to apply for more Singapore Initial Public Offering (IPO) shares with just a minimum of 20% down payment.  To be eligible, client is required to make the 20% payment at least 3 business days before the IPO closing date.



1. Higher opportunity of being allotted more IPO shares with a smaller capital outlay..

Example: Investor A applies for IPO shares through ATM with capital of $10,000 for $1 per share. He will only get 1,000 shares if the allotment rate is 10%. Phillip IPO Financing allows him to finance up to 5 times, thus enables him to apply up to $50,000 worth of shares. So, he will get 5,000 shares with the same allotment rate.


2. Increase client’s investment power.

Margin and Financial accounts allow clients to hold on to their initial investment with 50% financing rate. Once the IPO shares commence trading, it could potentially double their investments.


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