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2 Reasons to Invest in Healthcare Stocks

Ever thought of healthcare as an investment? Healthcare stocks can form an integral part of one’s portfolio for its 1) resilient earnings; and 2) potential organic earnings growth due to healthcare cost inflation. In Singapore, there are 2 fundamental trends that define the upside of the healthcare industry. 1) Aging Population and Longer Life Expectancy…Read More

Aerospace and Defence Industry – Soaring Above the Horizon

Summary Donald Trump’s presidential victory in 2016 has led to a pro-military administration and resulted in the exponential growth of Aerospace and Defence (A&D) stocks over the past five years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the growth trajectory of the A&D industry off course. Most A&D companies have established economic moat to aid in…Read More

5G: Short-term pain, Long-term gain during COVID-19

Introduction The arrival of 5G, the fifth-generation network, had always been the talk of the town before the COVID-19 pandemic threw global markets into disarray. Disruptions to supply chains, 5G hardware production delay and major economies sinking into recession have inevitably caused the 5G buildout to take a short-term hit. However, amid the COVID-19 pandemic,…Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Part 1/2

For the past 2 months, the stock market has been unpredictable. We have seen large volatility and a major correction in the stock market across global stock markets and indices. The decrease in demand for oil amid the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a plunge in oil prices. In this first article, I will attempt…Read More

Is it worth looking at the 3 Singapore Banks right now?

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word “crisis”. One brush stroke stands for danger, the other opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger, but recognise the opportunity.” John F Kennedy 35th President of the United States Investors have been experiencing considerable distress over the past few months with financial markets…Read More

4 Easy Ways to ‘Keep Calm’ in a Volatile Stock Market

The global COVID-19 pandemic and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia spiraled the global stocks markets to extreme losses, with oil prices experiencing its biggest fall in three decades. As investors around the world are suffering from the double whammy of these 2 global ramifications, we would like to help you with…Read More

3 Possible Scenarios of COVID-19 Outbreak and its Impact on US Market

2020 started on a bad note, with the deadly virus COVID-19 appearing on the headline almost every day since its outbreak. In fact, the outbreak happened near the Chinese New Year period where hundreds of millions of people were travelling to, from and within China has made it hard to contain the spread of the…Read More

The Social Media Giants

Summary The transition of the World Wide Web (WWW) to Web 2.0 has democratised content creation and led to the rise of social media. The competitive advantages of the social media industry have made it an attractive advertising channel for businesses of all sizes. The social media industry is showing signs of maturity with slowing…Read More

Navigating through the Coronavirus Outbreak with CFDs

“A stock market decline is as routine as a January blizzard in Colorado. If you’re prepared, it can’t hurt you. A decline is a great opportunity to pick up the bargains left behind by investors who are fleeing the storm in panic”Peter Lynch The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency over…Read More

Is Hong Kong Losing Its Shine?

At the time of this article, the Hong Kong protests are still ongoing. The Hong Kong Protests have sparked fears and uncertainty about the future of Hong Kong. My colleagues have received countless calls from worried clients asking about the future, relevance and viability of investing in Hong Kong. People are wondering what will happen…Read More