Margin Financing


The power of financing at your fingertips

In this dynamic financial environment, you need an account that can boost your purchasing power and at the same time provide money management service. The Phillip Investment Margin Account is created to meet your needs!

Key Features

  • Enhanced Investment Power at Minimum
  • Hassle-free Trade Settlement
  • Excess Cash Management
  • Consolidated Statement
  • Multi-Currency Facility
  • The POEMS Advantage

If you are an existing client with POEMS and wish to open a Phillip Investment Margin Account, simply speak with your Trading/Financial Adviser’s Representatives.

To find out more, call us at 65311555 or email us at Alternatively, visit us at any of our Phillip Investor Centres today

To apply for the Phillip Investment Margin Account, please click here now!

Important Notes:
With regards to the Money Market Funds, investors should note that:

a. a purchase of a unit in the above funds is not the same as placing funds on deposit with a bank or deposit-taking company.
b. although the Managers may seek to maintain or preserve the principal value of the above funds, there can be no assurance that the above funds will be able to meet their objective; and
c. the above funds are not guaranteed funds in that there is no guarantee as to the amount of capital invested and/or return received.
d. Past performance figure are not necessarily indicative of future performance.
e. Phillip Securities earns a commission from fund managers.
f. Money Market Funds are not intended for US citizens.
g. Client may wish to seek advice from a financial consultant before opening this account. In the event that client chooses not to seek advice from a financial consultant, he/she should consider whether this account is suitable for him/her.

Updated as at 9th November 2009

To read the general Risk Disclosure Statement, click here.