Let’s stay vigilant against cyber scams

In view of the recent phishing scams targeted at customers of financial institutions in Singapore, we would like to remind you to stay vigilant as follows:

1) Do not click URLs you receive in emails or text messages immediately
2) Verify the URL links by

  • checking the domain name in the text against the domain site
  • moving your mouse / cursor over the URL link to get the actual URL link because the message can hide the actual URL link behind

3) Never reveal your login credentials such as username, password or OTP to anyone, or input such information into unverified webpages and unidentified links received via SMS, WhatsApp, telegrams and the likes.

Please rest assured that Phillip Securities will never send you any SMS messages with clickable links.

To enhance your cyber security knowledge and practice, please refer to https://www.poems.com.sg/privacy-security/

If you are unsure about a message or email that you receive from Phillip Securities, please contact our Customer Service hotline at (65) 6531 1555 or send an email to talktophillip@phillip.com.sg

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