Transfer your
shares from
TD Ameritrade
easily to us!

Trusted Broker Since 1975

Transfer your shares from TD Ameritrade easily to us!

Trusted Broker Since 1975

How you can transfer in your US shares easily?

Step 1

  1. Date
  2. TD Ameritrade Singapore Account Number (Client’s 9-digit TD Ameritrade  Singapore Account number starting with 220)
  3. TD Ameritrade Singapore Account Name
    1. Tick the box to transfer all available shares (whole shares only. Fractional shares are not allowed), or
    2. Fill in the detail of the counters accordingly in the table provided form, to transfer in specific US shares
  4. Under account owner’s signature, client to sign off
  5. “Foreign Transfer” written at the top of the form
  6. When instructing TD Ameritrade on DTC transfer, please provide them your 7 digits PSPL trading account number

Step 2

  1. PSPL trading account number (7 digits)
  2. Name of account holder
  3. Counter party details
    – Name of Account Holder &
    – Account No (Client’s 9-digit TD Ameritrade Singapore Account number starting with 220)
  4. Signature sign off (Electronic signature acceptable)




Note: DTC transfer is only used to transfer fully paid securities positions (whole shares only, Fractional shares are not allowed) and this type of transfer does not support margin lending, options or futures transfers.

For a smooth shares transfer process, Customers are to ensure that:

  • TD Ameritrade transfer form is completed and submitted in good order
  • Both delivering firm (TD Ameritrade) and receiving firm (Phillip Securities) are instructed about the transfer request
  • W8BEN linkage must also be ready before transfer

Do note that this service is not applicable for US Citizens.

For further questions, please call your Trading Representative or 65311555 or email us at


Transfer your US Shares from TD Ameritrade from 25 September to 29 December 2023 and enjoy the Cash Rebate!

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