Enjoy brokerage rebate up to $68* from 1st December 2018 till 31st January 2019!

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DLCs at a glance


Fixed leverage of up to
7 times both long and short.

Pricing Structure

No margins. No implied volatility impact1. No time decay impact2.


Transparent pricing due to tradability
of the products on exchange.

Long or short

DLCs offer the flexibility to trade
both rising and falling markets.

Risk Management

Low capital outlay and loss limited to invested amount.


Slows the investor’s rate of loss in extreme market conditions when triggered.

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotion is limited to the first 200 unique Customers that trade Daily Leverage Certificates (“DLCs”) during the promotional period from 1st December 2018 to 31st January 2019 (the “Promotion Period”).
  2. Promotion is open to Customers who execute DLC trades through the following accounts (the “Eligible Accounts”): Phillip Investment Account – Margin (M), Phillip Investment Account – Custodian (C), Phillip Investment Account – Prepaid (CC), Phillip Cash Management (KC) Account, and Share Financing (V) Account.
  3. The brokerage rebate is subject to a cap of S$68 per customer regardless of the number of Eligible Accounts through which the customer places DLC trades during the Promotion Period; with the rebate applicable from the first trade.
  4. The rebate is not inclusive of the SGX clearing Fee, the SGX access fee, and the GST.
  5. The rebate will be credited to Eligible Accounts.
  6. Eligible Accounts will receive the rebate by 30th April 2019.
  7. The following persons are not eligible for this promotion, unless approved by the management of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (“PSPL”):
    1. PSPL institutional Customers and corporate Customers
    2. PSPL account holders whose accounts have been suspended, cancelled or terminated
    3. PSPL and its associated entities and subsidiaries (direct or indirect), e.g. Staff, Trading Representatives and Financial Advisors
  8. In the event of a dispute over the Customer’s eligibility to participate in this promotion, PSPL’s decision will be final.
  9. PSPL reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to (i) amend, add to, and/or delete at any time of these Terms & Conditions without prior notice (including eligibility and qualifying terms and criteria), and all participants shall be bound by such amendments, additions and/or deletions when effected, or to (ii) vary, withdraw, and/or cancel any items or the promotion itself without having to disclose a reason, and without any compensation or payment whatsoever. PSPL’s decision on all matters relating to the promotion are final and binding on all participants.
  10. By taking part in this promotion, the participant acknowledges that he/she has read and consented to these Terms & Conditions.

1 Implied volatility is the market’s expectation of the fluctuation in the price of the underlying asset over the remaining lifespan of the product. The higher the implied volatility, the wider the expected price fluctuation of the underlying asset. This in turn means there is a higher probability for the option or warrant to trade deeper in-the-money and the investor making a higher profit. Options or warrants with a high implied volatility will therefore be priced higher.
2 Time decay is the change in an option’s or a warrant’s price as it gets closer to the option’s or the warrant’s expiry date. The option or warrant value (chance of getting “in-the-money”) declines over time (i.e. as it gets nearer to the expiry date).