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An Integrated Asian Financial House with a Global Reach

PhillipCapital (with headquarters in Singapore) operates in the financial hubs of 16 countries and regions, including offices in Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, UAE, UK, France, Turkey and USA.

We are able to help Asset/Fund managers, Pension Funds, Inter Brokers, Family Offices, Financial Advisors or Prop Trading companies in areas like account opening, education, Interactive Seminars, Electronic Learning, Hedging, KYC, AML and trading of all financial asset classes. These are just a non-exhaustive list of the areas of work our APIs are capable of, we are excited to speak to you (append hyperlink to registration page)

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Phillip Captital
250 North Bridge Road,
#06-00 Raffles City Tower,
Singapore 179 101
P: 6531 1555
E: poemsapisignup@phillip.com.sg

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