SMART Park is an Excess Funds Management Facility that invests and manages your idle cash automatically, on a discretionary basis.

Make your money work HARDER and SMARTER at:

Return (7 Day) Annualised*


1.7065% p.a.


1.7065% p.a.

Rates updated as of 5 September 2022
*Based on the average rate of annualised returns over the last rolling week.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. View disclaimer

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Why SMART Park

No lock-in period

Withdraw anytime!

Cash will be back into your linked bank account on the same day!

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Real Return,
Not Projection

Rates illustrated are real returns!

Trusted with SGD 1+ Billion

One of the largest^ retail SGD MMF, consisting of high quality, short-term instruments, including

  • high quality government and corporate bonds
  • commercial bills and fixed deposits

Trusted Financial Institution

Serving institutions and retail investors for 45+ years

^Based on Total Net Assets (TNA) figures reflected in

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How do I Opt in to SMART Park?

For those who do not have a POEMS Account yet

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Fast and Simple Online Transfer and Withdrawal


Deposit into your POEMS Account with SMART Park (activated by 2pm) and the amount will be placed into Phillip Money Market Funds on the same day.

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Need cash on hand? Make sure your Account is linked to your local bank account. Withdrawal request submitted before 10 am will be processed on the same day to their respective bank account.

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Purchasing other Investments

If you are buying stocks, ETFs, Unit Trusts, and Bonds, cash in your SMART Park Account will automatically liquidate and go towards your investment.

Are Money Market Funds superior?

SMART Park invests in Money Market Funds (MMF) that have stricter investment guidelines – from investment grades, concentration limits and liquidity as compared to non-MMFs like Bond Funds.

We chose MMFs as liquidity and quality of the underlying are essential for capital preservation and stable returns to serve our Customers’ long term needs.

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