Frequently Asked Questions


What is POEMS Electronic Pin Mailer (ePIN Mailer)?

From mid Nov 2016, selected clients who have opened new individual POEMS account at Phillip Investor Centres (PICs) will automatically receive an electronic pin mailer by email upon successfully account creation.

Benefits of ePIN Mailer:

  • Create your desired POEMS password online
  • Significantly reduce waiting time to access and start trading on POEMS platforms
  • Added security for POEMS password creation with SMS One Time Password (OTP) triggered to your registered mobile phone

Who would receive the POEMS ePIN Mailer?

From mid Nov 2016, new Phillip Account individual account clients who open their accounts at Phillip Investor Centre (PICs) will receive their Pin Mailers electronically (i.e. ePIN Mailer). Account holders must have valid (i) email account and (ii) mobile phone number at point of account opening.

Kindly note that all other types of account holders (e.g. Corporate or joint account holders) will receive physical pin mailers until further notice.

I did not receive OTP via SMS after several attempts. What can I do?

Please check that your mobile number registered with Phillip Securities is up to date. Please call our hotline at 6531 1555 or visit us at any of our Phillip Investor Centres (PICs).

The Online Security Portal has blocked my account due to multiple unsuccessful attempts. What can I do?

You will need to reactivate your account if we are unable to validate your identity, or you have exceeded the maximum number of attempts to submit a valid OTP. Please call our hotline at 6531 1555 or visit us at any of our Phillip Investor Centres (PICs).

I am currently overseas. Will I receive the ePIN Mailer or OTP?

Phillip Securities will continue to send you the OTP via SMS, and you should be able to receive them in case for personal SMS when you are overseas. However, you must have opened a Phillip Account with us locally at our Phillip Investor Centres (PICs) at the point of account opening.

Your receipt of the SMS OTP will also depend on your mobile network operator's roaming service and may subject to additional roaming surcharges.

What is the validity of the SMS OTP after I have successfully answered the security questions on the Online Security Portal?

Your SMS OTP will expire in 2 minutes.

What if my mobile number is wrong or has not been updated in POEMS?

Phillip Securities will send the SMS OTP to the mobile number registered with us at the point of account opening.

If your mobile number is incorrectly registered with us or that you have changed your mobile number prior to receipt of ePIN Mailer, please complete CDP7.4 form to update your particulars.(i.e. change of mobile number). Written requests will not be accepted by CDP. For Cash Management account holders, please contact us after you have received notice from CDP that your address has been changed. If you have Unit Trust account, please write in to Unit Trust department to update your new address.

When will I be able to receive my ePIN Mailer?

You will receive your ePIN Mailer upon successful account creation. Receipt of ePIN Mailer will be dependent on your account type and subjected to approval and clearance by the proper authorities:

Approximately 1-3 business days:

  • (a) Custodian Account
  • (b) Cash Prepaid Account
  • (c) Margin Financing
  • (d) Share Financing

Approximately 5-10 business days*

  • (a) Cash Management Account

*Trading account linkage to your CDP Global Securities Account is subject to CDP's approval.

I have not received my ePIN Mailer. What can I do?

Depending on your account type, please allow the minimum number of working days (see Q8) from the date of account opening for the ePIN Mailer to be sent to your registered email address. Please check that your email address registered with us is up to date, and that your ePIN Mailer is not filtered to orfolders in your mailbox.

If you did not receive your ePIN Mailer after 14 working days from date of account opening, please call our hotline at 6531 1555 or visit us at any of our Phillip Investor Centres (PICs).

I have successfully created my POEMS Password, but have forgotten my account number/password. What can I do?

Your account number will be indicated on the ePIN Mailer itself; please refer to the ePIN Mailer first sent to your registered email address. If you have forgotten your password after successfully creating it, please perform an Online Password Reset via

Kindly note that for ePIN Mailer holders, you are automatically opted in for Online Password Reset service (you do not need to opt in separately for this service). For FAQs on Online Password Reset service, please refer to