Frequently Asked Questions

Prepaid (CC) Account

Can I get ‘leveraging’ facility from this account type?

No. If you wish to have Margin/Financing facilities, please open a Margin (M) Account. Please note that the commission rate for Prepaid (CC) and Margin (M) Account is different. For more information, please view Securities Financing.

Can I sell the SGX listed shares which I have in my CDP account?

You will need to transfer the shares from your CDP account into your account with Phillip Securities before you can sell it.

Can I trade CPF/SRS shares?

Yes, the Prepaid (CC) account will need to have sufficient Available Cash before you may place a buy trade. Sell Trade is currently not facilitated in Prepaid (CC) Account.

Can I transfer my existing shares held in another brokerage to this account?

Yes. We do not charge for incoming transfer.

Can the foreign share custody fees be waived?

Yes, we will automatically waive the monthly charges if you have at least two trades in your account for the month, regardless of trade size and whether you trade local or foreign shares in that account.

Can the quarterly maintenance charge be waived?

Yes, as long as a minimum of 1 trade (regardless local or foreign and regardless of trade size) is performed in the Prepaid (CC) Account in the quarter. Quarterly trading activity is assessed at the end of March, June, September and December.

What are the charges for this account?

Please refer to Prepaid (CC) Account Infosheet.

What are the commission rates for Prepaid (CC) Account?

Commission rates vary depending on the markets and trading modes used to execute the orders. Please click here to view the commission rates.

What are the methods to transfer money into Prepaid (CC) Account?

Please refer to the list of payment methods in the Prepaid (CC) Account Information Sheet.

What if I close my open position before the due date?

The buy and sell contracts will be settled by debiting and crediting your account accordingly.

What is the buying limit for Prepaid (CC) Account?

The buying power is based on the amount of available cash in the account. There is no minimum deposit requirement. Buying power is restored immediately once the sell order is filled. The available cash takes into consideration outstanding purchase and sale contracts.

What is the credit interest paid on the cash placed in the Prepaid (CC) Account?

Please refer to Prepaid (CC) Account Information Sheet

When can I expect funds to be credited into my Account after I have sold my shares?

Sale proceeds will be credited into your Account on due date.

When will my account be debited for my share purchases?

Your account will be debited on due date.

Where are the shares kept in Prepaid (CC) Account?

Any shares purchased via this account will be held under the custody of Phillip Securities.

Which market can I trade with Prepaid (CC) Account?

You can trade all markets offered by Phillip Securities. Please click here for more information.

With multi-currency facility, will there be automatic conversion of currency for my currencies in debit balances?

For Cash Management, Custodian, Prepaid, Margin, and Cashplus accounts:

From 26 October 2020, all new accounts will be auto enrolled with this feature. An auto currency conversion process will be performed  at 7.15pm based on prevailing rates to offset any currency in debit balance by utilizing currencies in credit balance according to currency hierarchy set up in our system. The hierarchy of currencies to be utilized for offsetting in descending order: SGD, USD, HKD, CNY, JPY, AUD, GBP, EUR, CAD, & MYR.

To opt in/out from this facility, please contact your Trading Representative.


For trading accounts that are not opted in for the above feature, clients are required to take the necessary steps to either transfer money into the trading account or submit a currency conversion request to avoid being charged debit interest.