Frequently Asked Questions

Securities Advisory Service

Where can I get the Securities Advisory Service Information Sheet?

The Securities Advisory Service Information Sheet can be found at here

What is an Securities Advisory Service?

The Securities Advisory Service allows your representative to recommend stocks and assist to place trades for you upon your confirmation.

Who might find this service useful?

You will find this service useful if you lack the time/ability to carry out DIY trades and/or do not want discretionary investments. This service may also be useful if you are an investor who seeks to receive bespoke stock recommendations and order placement services from your representative.

Who can apply to start this service?

Individual, joint or corporate account holders may apply to open an account. *Please consult your representative as a suitability assessment has to be preformed before account opening.

How do I open an account?

You will need to open an account through your representative. A suitability assessment has to be carried out.

What is the account type that will be opened for me?

A Phillip Investment Account - Prepaid (CC) will be opened for you to commence the Securities Advisory Service.

How much do I need to start and what are the fees?

Minimum initial deposit of S$25,000 cash or stocks equivalent (can be transferred-in from CDP/ other broking houses) is required. A monthly Advisory fee and brokerage charges for every trade is applicable.

How do I view my holdings?

You may login to POEMS using your account number and view your holdings under "Account Details". You may also view your monthly statement sent to you, or contact your representative/ advisor.

Can I use the same account to perform online trades on my own?

You cannot use the same account to place online trades yourself. All trades must be placed by your representative on your behalf.

Can I invest using CPF/SRS monies for this service?

No. CPF/SRS funds cannot be used for this service.