Frequently Asked Questions

Account Opening Overview

What are accounts available in Phillip Securities?

Phillip Cash Management Account (KC) Phillip Investment Account Share Financing Account (V)
Prepaid (CC) Custodian (C) Margin (M)
Ledger Facility          
Excess Funds Management        
Multi-Currency Facility          
Reduced Commissions  
Margin Financing Facility    
SGX listed securities are held under CDP custody Phillip custody Phillip custody Phillip custody Phillip custody
Foreign shares are held under Phillip custody Phillip custody Phillip custody Phillip custody Phillip custody
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Who can apply for Phillip Account?

Anyone above the age of 18 years old and with no adverse records with the SGX or Court is welcome to open a Phillip Account.

Can I open a Phillip Account if I have a trading account with another securities firm?

Yes, there is no restriction to the number of trading accounts you can open.

How do I link my existing Phillip Account to POEMS?

All you need to do is to fill in a simple form furnishing us with your account details and we will mail the password to you. You also may also visit our investor centres, web-site, or request that  this form be mail to you.

How do I open a Phillip Account if I am a new client?

Kindly visit our office or Investor Centres to fill in the following application forms. All new application forms must be signed in the presence of a Phillip Securities witnessing officer as per SGX regulations. For the required documents, please click here.

How do I open a corporate account with POEMS?

Kindly visit our office or Investor Centres to fill in the following application forms:
  • Corporate/ Institution Application form
  • Application for opening of Corporate securities account (CDP2.1)
  • Linkage form (CDP 25A.1)
Please bring along the following documents:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified true copy of Board Resolution
  • An updated ROC instant information print-out on applicant
  • Form 49 / Form AR
  • Particulars of Directors/ Secretary (applicable for foreign corporation)
Application requires two authorised signatures and the company's stamp.  The two authorised persons who sign on behalf of the company are to produce their National Identity Card.

How long does it take to process a new Phillip Account?

It takes approximately 10 working days to process the account, subjected to approval and clearance by the proper authorities.

Why has my account application been rejected?

The common reason for rejection is a difference in the particulars or signature submitted compared to the record in CDP. To update your particulars, you may request for a CDP7 form to be sent to you. If you wish to update your signature, you may do so at CDP.
11 North Buona Vista Drive, #06-07, The Metropolis Tower 2, Singapore 138589 Tel: 6535-7511 Fax: 6535-0775
Remember to inform us of the changes so that we may resubmit your application for approval.

How do I update my particulars?

You will have to fill up the CDP form to update your particulars. (e.g. change of address) Written requests will not be accepted by CDP. For Cash Management account holders, please contact us after you have received notice from  CDP that your address has been changed. If you have Unit Trust account, please write in to Unit Trust department to update your new address.

What are the different types of Phillip Investment Accounts?

Please find more details about Phillip Investment Accounts here.