Frequently Asked Questions

Account Opening Overview

How long does it take to process a new Account?

You will be able to open an Account instantly if all requirements are met. Upon successful Account opening, you will receive an email notification

What should I do after my Account is ready to trade?

Fund your Account through PayNow or FAST. You can trade/invest within 15 minutes (excluding Singapore market trades via Cash Management Accounts, as account linkage requires CDP approval)


Please remember to complete:

Sign up for complimentary Live Price and update CPF/SRS account number


For trading limit increase from the day following your Account opening, please call your Trading Representative or Customer Experience Unit at 6531 1555 or email

Comparison of Cash Plus Account and Cash Management Account

  Cash Plus Cash Management
Client’s CDP Linkage
Low Commission Charges
Margin Facility
Excess Funds Management Facility
CPF/SRS Trades

What is a CDP account?

The Central Depository Account, or generally referred to as CDP, is an account that holds all the shares you purchased on the open market safely. A CDP, run by the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), serves as a security for all of your stocks.

Will I be able to open a Corporate Account Online?

We do not cater to Online Corporate Account opening at the moment. Please bear with us while we work on this. In the meantime, kindly visit our Phillip Investor Centres to obtain and fill in the required forms.

Can I open a joint Account?

You can open joint Cash Plus Account via
Alternatively, you can open a joint Cash Management Account or other Account types at your nearest Phillip Investor Centre.

Can I open an Account if I have a trading account with another securities firm?

Yes, there is no restriction to the number of trading accounts you can open.

I have not heard back from your company since I submitted my application online, who can I contact?

You may contact our General Hotline at +65 6531 1555 to check on the status of your account opening.