Frequently Asked Questions

Live Cash Balance

Where will my deposited cash be reflected?

You can see the amount deposited here: POEMS > Acct Mgmt > Live Cash Balance > Intraday Cash Transaction

How long will it take for my deposited cash to be reflected?

Please refer to for payment processing times.

How soon can I trade after depositing cash?

For PayNow and FAST, it will take 15 minutes, excluding the following times: 11.15pm – 11.45pm and 5am – 9am
Please visit for more information on other payment methods.
You can start trading once the amount transferred has been reflected under ‘Avl. Cash’ as per image below.

What is ‘Cash Balance’ in Live Cash Position?

It is the balance brought forward from the preceding day + any cash movement in Intraday Cash Transaction.

What is ‘Intraday Cash Transaction’ in Live Cash Position?

This reflects the transactions made throughout the day, which includes:
  1. Deposit
  2. Withdrawal
  3. Contract / Contra Settlement
  4. Currency Conversion
  5. Cash Dividend