Frequently Asked Questions

2FA One Key

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and how does it work?

Second-factor authentication (2FA) refers to the verification of a user with a unique and randomly generated password from a device that he/she owns that is linked to his/her online Service Provider.

A basic 2FA platform requires a user to receive a one-time password (OTP), either via a physical device, or through a text message to his/her personal electronic devices (such as handphone), to complete the transaction.

What is the purpose of 2FA?

The 2FA provides substantially better security and makes it much more difficult for an attacker to impersonate you and access your computer, accounts, or other resources.

Is 2FA compulsory for trading through POEMS?

2FA is not compulsory at the moment. However, we would strongly encourage you to use 2FA to safeguard your online trading. You may refer to the 2FA Risk Awareness Statement (RAS) to understand the risks involved if you choose to opt out from 2FA.

Kindly note that for POEMS Mobile, 2FA is supported for
  1. POEMS SG iOS app:
    1. Above v1.3.12 and
    2. Above iOS 4
  2. POEMS SG Android app:
    1. Above v1.0.2
    2. Above Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  3. POEMS SG 2.0 iOS app:
    1. Above v2.0.0 and
    2. Above iOS 8.0
  4. POEMS SG 2.0 Android app:
    1. Above v2.0.0
    2. Above Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Will my transaction costs go up as a result of the brokers implementing 2FA?

No, your transaction fees will remain the same. Customers will not be required to pay for any additional costs.

What if I lose my 2FA OneKey device and urgently need to trade online?

You can contact your respective trading representative to execute the trades.

When do I need to utilize 2FA when I trade with POEMS?

You will need to register for a 2FA token - OneKey via POEMS and link it up to start using the 2FA feature.

What is OneKey?

OneKey is the product name of the 2FA security device from Assurity, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore ("IDA").

How do I get my OneKey device?

Please follow steps below to obtain the OneKey device:

1. Login to POEMS 2.0.
2. Go to Acct Mgmt > Stocks > 2FA OneKey
3. In the 2FA portal, click 'Register for OneKey'
4. Enter your NRIC or FIN and click 'Register'
5. Follow the on-screen instructions on Assurity Web Portal to register for your 2FA device
6. After receiving your 2FA device, please activate it
7. Link your 2FA device by going to 'Link New Device' in the 2FA portal on POEMS

The OneKey device is issued free to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who are account holders of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd.

Click for more information about registration and activation.

How about foreigners who are residents of Singapore, can they sign up for 2FA?

*FIN holders will be able to sign up for 2FA by registering for their 2FA OneKey devices at the Assurity office. FIN cards and passports will be required for verification. Alternatively, they can register 2FA OneKey device directly via Assurity online portal (

For other foreign Passport holders, they will be able to register for their 2FA OneKey devices in the near future. More information will be provided in due course.

Duo Galleria
7 Fraser Street
#B3-22 / 23 / 24
Singapore 189356

*FIN refers to Foreign Identification Number, it is a unique identification number assigned to foreigners who are issued with immigration & work passes in Singapore.

How about Singaporeans who are residing overseas? How do they register and get their 2FA OneKey devices?

Singaporeans residing overseas may login to POEMS and use the registration link provided to register for the OneKey device. They are required to enter a mailing address, and Assurity will distribute the device to the mailing address accordingly. However, please take note that the address MUST be a Singapore mailing address as per NRIC. Alternatively, if the client would like to use another mailing address, they are required to visit the OneKey Customer Care Centre for verification.

What is the cost of each 2FA OneKey device and how long can the battery last?

The first device issued to Singaporeans and Permanent Residences is free. Replacement devices cost SGD$15 inclusive of GST each. Devices for FIN holders and passport holders cost SGD$15 inclusive of GST.

The battery life on this device is expected to last for five years.

For more information, please refer to this website.

If I do not apply for 2FA OneKey device, will my access to POEMS be restricted?

You will be prompted to make a one-time acceptance of the Risk Awareness Statement (RAS) on Classic POEMS, POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile 2.0 and POEMS Mercury should you wish to remain “opted-out” from 2FA.

When will I be required to use 2FA OneKey device for online trading?

Once you have successfully linked your OneKey device to POEMS, for subsequent logins to any POEMS platforms (POEMS Classic, POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile or POEMS Mercury), you will be required to enter a One-Time-Password (OTP) that is generated by your OneKey device on modules which required validation and authentication.

What should I do if I lose my OneKey device?

Please contact the OneKey Customer Care Centre Help Desk at (65) 65663539 or log in to your OneKey account to suspend your device using your SMS OTP (One Time Password) and to get a replacement device from Assurity

* To suspend means to block the use of your token for a certain period of time and you can re-activate your device for use in the future.

For more information, please refer to the Assurity’s website at

How do I delink OneKey from my account?

To delink your OneKey, simply perform the following steps: POEMS 2.0 > Stocks > ACCT MGMT > 2FA OneKey > Setup 2FA > Delete

If I lose my mobile phone, how do I delink 2FA – Mobile?

You can login to Assurity OneKey Portal to delete the mobile number or call OneKey Customer Care Centre Help Desk at (65) 6566 3539.

How do I change my mobile number in 2FA POEMS?

Please login to Assurity OneKey Portal to update your new mobile number first followed by updating to POEMS under ACCT MGMT >> 2FA-OneKey module.

If I delink my existing 2FA now, and link up with my newly received 2FA OneKey device, how long will it take to activate?

The activation will take place with immediate effect.

Who should I contact if I encounter difficulties during 2FA login despite all credentials being keyed in correctly?

Please call OneKey Customer Care Centre Help Desk at (65) 6566 3539.

Can I apply for and collect the 2FA OneKey device from Phillip Investor Centres?

No, you can apply online through POEMS and will receive the device by mail from Assurity within three working days upon successful registration. Alternately, you can register at Assurity Office and the device will be issued on the spot.

Duo Galleria
7 Fraser Street
#B3-22 / 23 / 24
Singapore 189356

Can I apply for both 2FA OneKey device and the SMS service?

Yes, you may apply for both.

Can I register a foreign mobile number for the SMS service?

No. You can only register using local Singapore mobile number. Currently, Assurity does not support SMS service for foreign mobile number.

Can I choose to only set up OneKey SMS?

Yes. You may choose to set up only OneKey SMS, OneKey Token, or both.

If I key in the wrong one-time password (OTP), will my Phillip Investment Account be suspended?

No, your Phillip Account will not be suspended.

Who should I contact if my 2FA OneKey becomes locked?

Please call OneKey Customer Care Centre Help Desk at (65) 65663539.

How do I enable 2FA for my joint account?

Both joint account holders MUST link their individual 2FA OneKey devices to the joint account to enable the 2FA. Refer to No 8 on how to get your OneKey device.

I have linked up my 2FA OneKey device with one of my individual Phillip Accounts, can I use the same OneKey device to link with my other Phillip Accounts, including joint accounts?

Yes, you can.

I have an existing token with another broker, can I link it to my Phillip Account?

POEMS only supports 2FA OneKey device issued by Assurity.

If the other broker also supports the 2FA OneKey device by Assurity, you will be able to use the same device to link up with your POEMS account.

2FA tokens issued by other providers are not supported.

Where can I find out more information about OneKey device?

Please logon to for more OneKey device details.