Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Order Types

What are the Advanced Order Types available for trading on POEMS?

The award-winning POEMS suite of trading platforms is host to a variety of Advanced Order Types, including the following:
  • Recurring Plan
  • Limit Order
  • Stop Limit Order
  • Limit -if-Touched (LIT)
  • If-Done Order
  • One-Cancels-The-Other (OCO)
  • Market Order
  • Market-On-Open (MOO)
  • Market-On-Close (MOC)
  • Good-Till-Date (GTD)
  • Fill-Or-Kill (FOK)
  • Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC)
Note: Only selected Advanced Order Types are available across all platforms/markets. Find out the Advanced Order Types and the platforms/markets that they are available in.

Where can I find out more about the various Advanced Order Types?

Find out about Advanced Order Types.