Frequently Asked Questions

Good Till Date (GTD)

What is SGX Good Till Date GTD order?

GTD orders stay in order book in SGX REACH for the number of days you specify, up to a maximum of 30 calendar days, or until order is filled/ order is cancelled/ stock is delisted/ stock is suspended/ stock has corporate actions.

The calendar day is effective from the day when the order is received by SGX. For example, orders submitted in POEMS platform on Saturday will be release to SGX on the following Monday.

Is GTD available in all trading markets?

No, GTD is available in SGX market only.

How do I know if the GTD order is filled?

A GTD order that is filled will be displayed as "Done" under the Order Status. You may refer to the table below to check the status of your GTD orders on the respective POEMS platforms.

PlatformCurrent DayNext Day
POEMS 2.0 Today's Orders > Trade Done Past Orders > GTD Orders (Past 7 days)
POEMS Mobile 2.0 Today Orders Order History > GTD (Past 7 days)
POEMS Mercury Done Orders Order History

How do I know if the GTD order is still valid?

GTD orders that are in the order book are displayed under the "All Orders or Working Orders" screen in POEMS 2.0 and POEMS Mercury and under “Today Orders” in POEMS Mobile 2.0.

Can I amend my GTD order?

Orders with Good-Till validity will retain their queue priority based on their entry date and time. Currently only order quantity can be adjusted downward, therefore queue position is maintained.

What are the risks for GTD order?

Order is forgotten, order becomes unfavourable when market conditions change.

Higher commission charges if order is partially filled each day.

Can the GTD order be Fill-or-Kill or All-or-None type?

No. Both these order types are not stored in the order book.

Will my GTD order be rejected?

GTD orders are validated against price limit (force-key range) upon order entry. If they are outside the force-key range and the force key indicator is not specified, they will be rejected.

Is there a price limit for GTD order?

Price limit for GTD orders is same as day orders.

Do I incur costs to use GTD order?

  • No charge if order price is within force-key range upon order entry even if order prices are outside the force-key range on subsequent days reload.
  • There are force-key charges if order price is outside of force-key range upon order entry, force-key fee charges will not be calculated again on subsequent days reload
  • For each force key entered, there will be a deduction of 20 reward points. Depending on the number of rewards points you have accumulated, the following apply:

    Rewards Points Entitlements
    0 - 100 No force key
    101 - 1000 25 force keys per month*
    1001 onwards 50 force keys per month**

    *You need to have a balance of at least 101 rewards points so you can use up to 25 force keys.
    **You need to have a balance of at least 1,001 rewards points so you can use up to 50 force keys

What happens when there are corporate actions?

GTD order entered prior to ex-date will be purged on ex-date of corporate actions (dividends, rights issues, bonus issues)

Exception: structured warrants will not be purged when there is corporate action declared for the mother share.