Frequently Asked Questions

Unit Share

What is a Unit Share Market?

The Unit Share Market is a SGX market which allows the trading of odd lots in quantities less than the board lot size. It is a market separated from the SGX ready market which allows Board Lot trading. Board Lot is the standard trading size in the local market which is 100 shares, except for a few exceptions.

What is an Odd Lot?

Trading size less than 100 shares is termed as 'Odd Lot'. 'Odd Lot' refers to non-standard numbers of shares that arise from stock splits or bonus or rights issues. For example: A one-for-five bonus issue means the holder of 100 shares will receive 20 bonus shares.

Where can I trade Unit Share Market?

You can trade Unit Share Market online through POEMS 2.0.

Can I trade Unit Share Market for multiple financial markets?

No. At the moment, Unit Share Market is only for SGX market.

What are the commission and charges for trading Unit Share Market through POEMS?

Trades Denominated in Online Commission Rate Mininum*


  1. The normal commission rates for the board lot will be applied to the amalgamated unit share and board lot shares.
  2. Minimum commission will apply even if sales proceeds are less than commission payable.
  3. For trade settlement in other currency (i.e. USD, HKD), minimum commission of S$25 will be converted to its respective settlement currency at the prevailing exchange rate.
  4. Unit share commission and charges stated above do not apply to Phillip Investment Account - Prepaid (CC) accounts

Will I be able to ‘Amalgamate’ the Unit Share Trades?

Yes. Amalgamation of your many unit share orders is done automatically by the system, if the following conditions below are met:
  • The amalgamated trades must be of the same trading day, stock and settlement currency.
  • The amalgamated trades must be of the same action (e.g. :buy action amalgamates with another buy action)
  • The amalgamated trades must be the same payment mode (e.g. contra amalgamated with contra, cash amalgamated with cash, CPF amalgamated with CPF)
  • If the amalgamated quantity is equal or greater than board lot size, the normal commission for board lot size will apply.

Can I submit a trade greater than the Board Lot size in Unit Share Market?

No. Unit Share Market only allows the trading of odd lots in quantity less than the board lot size. For example: To buy 120 Creative shares, you will need to place 2 separate trades. Firstly you will have to submit a buy order of 100 Creative shares in the SGX Board Lot Market. Then you have to submit another buy order of 20 Creative shares in the Unit Share Market.

Is the price for Unit Share Market in real time?

Yes, you can receive live price for Unit Share Market.