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POEMS Mobile 3

 What is the difference between POEMS Mobile 3 and POEMS Mobile 2.0?

POEMS Mobile 3 is the new and improved version of our current mobile trading App, POEMS Mobile 2.0. The new POEMS Mobile 3 App sports a fresh new look and feel, with the following key changes:
  • Improved Navigation: The entire navigation of the platform is being redesigned to make trading on-the-go easier than ever. The new App provides quick access to the actions you need, by keeping the right features always one tap away.
  • Refreshed Interface: We have built a fresh new look from scratch to deliver a more streamlined and best-in-class trading experience.
  • Intuitive Portfolio Management: The new and improved portfolio interface allows you to better track your holdings, with easy access to your account history, orders, balances, and positions.
  • TradingView Charting integrated directly into POEMS Mobile 3 App enables you to trade using the industry’s best charting tool and conduct in-depth technical analysis of your favourite counters on-the-go!
  • Community Groups: Connect and share investment tips with like-minded investors.
  • Ideas and Education: Get insights from our in-house analysts and the wide array of education materials ranging from webinars, articles, and many more to broaden your perspective of the investment world.
  POEMS Mobile 3 App will also incorporate exciting new features that are not available on POEMS Mobile 2.0 in upcoming releases – stay tuned!

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