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 What is the procedure to deposit physical certificate/s with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd?

You will have to sign at the back of each share certificate under the “transferor” column or “shareholder” column. In addition, you need to submit a signed W8-BEN form if you have not already done so previously.

Please click here for charges incurred.

Note: We will not accept the following share certificates:

  • Restricted share certificates. For this type of share certificates, there will be a “RESTRICTED SHARES” stamped on the front of the share certificates.
  • For shares listed on OTC and OTCBB. This is because currently our US custodian does not support online trading for the OTC and OTCBB.
  • Shares certificate for counters traded in US markets.

Please note that you are required to buy back your shares to cover the sale position if the physical shares deposited are subsequently found to be not good for deposition.

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