What is the meaning of (Acc) or (Dis) which is sometimes seen in the names of some funds?

“Acc” and “Dis” are abbreviations of the words “Accumulation” and “Distribution”, which denote classes of the fund.

Accumulation funds do not distribute dividends. Instead, all income and interest attributable to this Class will be accumulated and reflected in the price (NAV) of the units of the Class.

Distribution funds distribute dividends either by cash payout or by reinvesting back into the fund. For transactions with Phillip, where distributions are in the form of cash, they will be re-invested to the same fund by default. The dividends will be reinvested in the form of additional units in your relevant holdings.

If you prefer to have your dividends paid out in cash, you may choose the dividend payout option in POEMS 2.0 when you subscribe for the fund online. If you do not wish to transact through POEMS 2.0 or wish to change your existing dividend options, please fill in this form.
Dividend Instruction Form U61

For more questions on dividends, please see the below FAQ section “Dividends”.

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