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 What is the foreign share transfer charges?

Share Transfer (Non SG market)

No Change in Beneficial Owner
Other Financial Institution -> PSPL account No charge by PSPL. Please check with your external broker for their charges.
1. For US transfer via Direct Registration System “DRS”, there will be a foreign broker fee of USD 50.
2. To transfer holdings from Issuer Sponsored to Broker (CHESS) Sponsored, there will be foreign broker fees of AUD 50 and courier fees of SGD 32.
3. Europe: USD 75 (Foreign broker fees, settled in SGD)
PSPL account -> Other Financial Institution SGD100
Additional charges apply to the following markets:
1. UK: USD 25 (Foreign broker fees)
2. JP: JPY 1,000 for the first lot, JPY 500 for every subsequent lot, up to a maximum charge of JPY 6,000
3. AU: USD 12 (Foreign broker fees)
4. Europe: USD 75 (Foreign broker fees, settled in SGD)
PSPL account -> PSPL account
(To Prepaid Custodian or Cash Plus account)
SGD 60
Change in Beneficial Owner 0.25% of share valuation (min. of S$100)

Important Notes:

  1. All fees and charges above are based on Per Counter Per Transfer basis and are subject to GST.
  2. PSPL reserves the right to impose other charges or to revise the fees and charges without prior notice.

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