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 When will the contra loss/gain be settled?

Settlements (For Purchases)
  • Payment in (S$) from clients should be made by contract due date.
Settlements (For Sales)
  • Sales proceeds will be paid to clients on 1st market day after due date.
  • Contra gains will be paid out on contra statement date + 1.
  • No reversals are allowed once paid.
  • Contra is allowed on the transaction day itself.
  • Clients will receive a monthly statement of all their transactions done in that month.

Please note:

a. Contra gain will be credited to trading account or your designated bank account for non-ledger based trading accounts.

b. Contra loss will be deducted from trading account if there are sufficient funds.

c. Interest will be chargeable if contra loss is not settled within 7 calendar days,

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