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US Pre-Market Trading

 What documents are required before US pre-market trading is available?

The Risk Disclosure Statement (RDS)* needs to be acknowledged. To acknowledge RDS, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Login to POEMS 2.0 and click on Acct Mgmt tab
  2. Click on Online Forms under Stocks Tabs
  3. Choose RDS-Extended Hours under Trade Accessment & Acknowledgement
  4. Tick the check box and click Submit

Alternatively, you may also login to POEMS Mobile 2.0 to acknowledge RDS:

  1. Login to POEMS Mobile 2.0
  2. Open a trade ticket
  3. Click on Pre-market Session and RTH
  4. Click on RDS Form on the pop-up^
  5. Click on Acknowledge in the form

^The pop-up will only appear if you have not acknowledged the RDS form.

Note: For joint account, all account holders are required to login to their individual account to acknowledge the RDS – Extended Hours form. For further enquiries, please contact your Trading Representative.


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