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Contracts For Difference (CFD)

Trade FTSE China A50 USD1 Index CFD at $0 Commission.


Trade China A Shares at 0.12% with minimum CNY88.

Managed Accounts (MA)

S$15 Shopping Vouchers
for every $10,000 of Oriental-Themed services

Securities Financing

3.88% p.a. Financing for HK Dollars
0.18% (MIN HKD100) commission

Unit Trust

S$10 credits for every S$10,000 purchase of Unit Trusts

About us

Since 1975, the PhillipCapital network has grown into an integrated Asian financial house with a global presence that offers a full range of quality and innovative services to retail and high net worth individuals, family offices, corporate and institutional customers.

Our comprehensive suite of financial products and services includes broking in securities, futures, foreign exchange, bonds, precious metals and commodities, unit trusts, contracts for difference, exchange traded funds; fund management, managed accounts, insurance planning, regular savings plans, investment research, equity financing and property consultancy*. Institutions can also benefit from our corporate finance and advisory services as well as information technology solutions.

Smart Trading. Anytime, Anywhere.

Trading and investing is easy and convenient through our suite of platforms that cater to different needs of clients.

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Blog Posts

With our various articles, PhillipCapital is committed to provide ongoing training and support to help both new and experienced clients understand all facets of trading and investments.

Technical Analysis – Part 1: Trend Trading

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 in Phillip CFD Blog

“The market does not know if you are long or short and could not care less. You are the only one emotionally involved with your position.”

It Pays to Lend Out Your Shares

august 24, 2017 in Phillip CFD Blog

The US Markets has been falling the past 2 weeks and some are beginning to panic. Is this the start of a financial crisis? Should I sell of my shares and wait till there is a clearer indication?

4 Reasons Why Gold Should Be Part Of Your Portfolio

June 16, 2017 in PHILLIP CFD BLOG

All that glitters is not gold. At least that can be said when it comes to investing in gold. I am sure you will agree that like every other tradable instrument out there, gold has its ups and downs.

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With more than 3,500 employees and over 1 million clients worldwide, our assets under custody/management totals to more than USD 30 Billion with shareholders' funds in excess of USD 1 Billion.

PhillipCapital (with headquarters in Singapore) operates in the financial hubs of 16 countries and region, including offices in Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, UAE, UK, France, Turkey and USA.