How to Start?

Step 1:

Navigate to (1)Trade > (2)Options and click on (3)Open Account

VYou can also navigate to (1)Me > (2)Option Activation to open Stock Option account

Step 2(inactive CAR/W8Ben/RWS):

Validation page for CAR/W8Ben/RWS. Click (1)Proceed to being filling up the respective forms

On click of respective forms, you will be redirected to fill up the forms.

*Do note CAR form can only be completed online on Poems Web.

You may also submit W8Ben and Risk Warning Statement(RWS) under (1)Me > (2)Forms

Step 3(active CAR/W8Ben/RWS):

Redirect to acknowledge Option’s Risk Declaration Statement under ‘Option Activation’

Step 1:

To place a trade, navigate to (1)Trade > (2)Option > (3)Trade

In the search bar, (1)search for the underlying counter > (2)Select the specific counter under EQ – Equity or ETF – Exchange Traded Funds respectively

Select (1)Option and under the option page, you may choose for the (2)Options types ie. Call or Put to displayed separately or All to be displayed together. (3)Select the expiry date and the (4)Strike price respectively

(1)Show the option symbol and click on (2)Trade

Select (1)Buy or Sell > (2)Input the limit price and quantity respectively > (3)Key in password > (4)Click on place order to submit order

Order confirmation shown here, (1)Click on confirm to submit order

(1)Submitted order will be reflected under today’s order