Trading Details

Minimum trade size: 1 contract which generally covers 100 underlying shares

Action Requirement
Long Call Option premium
Long Put Option premium
Short Call Underlying asset

For positions that are unable to meet the obligation of the option contracts (including auto-exercise) with the exposure risk deem as excessive, one of the below scenarios will happen. Any proceeds will be credited/debited to the client prior to the expiry of the option.

  • Liquidate options prior to expiration
  • Allow the options to lapse
  • Allow delivery and liquidate the underlying at any time prior to expiration

PSPL don’t allow exercise of options, all open positions should be roll forward prior to expiry of the contract else it will be forced close by end of the trading session on expiry day.
US stock option tab will only reflect positions and balance relating to US stock option. All trades are denominated in USD.

Order details

Order Placement Via
1) Poems Mobile 3
2) Night dealer (US Trading Hours)
Trading lot(Minimum trade size) 1 contract which generally covers 100 underlying shares
Live price Via Poems Mobile 3 (live option price quote)
Order Type Limit Order only
Minimum bid size 0.01

Trading Hours

Singapore Time 09:30pm – 04:00am (Daylight Saving Time)
10:30pm – 05:00am (Non-Daylight Saving Time)
US(Eastern) Time 09:30am – 04:00pm

*Order placement are allowed only during regular trading hours, any orders submitted outside of regular trading hours will be rejected


Option Settlement Date 1 T+1 market days
Underlying Settlement Date 1 T+2 market days
Order Amalgamation No
Settlement Currency USD only

1. Should the due date coincide with Singapore public holiday/s – The due date will follow the traded market’s due date

US Options Live Prices

US options live price feed is available for subscription FOR FREE on the web portal if you are a non-professional investor. Each subscription is for 12 months.

Do note if you do not subscribe to the price feed, option prices displayed are delayed by 15-30 minutes.

Only the option prices are live, in order to have accurate IV/Delta/Gamma, investors are advised to subscribe to both US Equities and Options live prices.