Harvest Your Regular Income with Phillip SING Income ETF

The Phillip SING Income ETF focuses on 30 high quality Singapore Listed stocks to offer investors a cost-effective and diversified exposure to the Singapore market. By using a rule/factor-based approach for stocks selection, the ETF aims to deliver stable and quality income for investors.

The Phillip SING Income ETF provides investors with:

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Key Information

Instrument Type: Exchange Traded Fund (“ETF”)
Tracked Index: Morningstar® Singapore Yield Focus IndexSM
Exchange Listing: SGX-ST
EIP / SIP Classification Excluded Investment Products (EIP). Investors can trade EIP without any prerequisite.
Trading Currency: Singapore dollars (S$)
Estimated Gross Dividend Yield: ~5% (Based on Index’s performance, without accounting for expenses and costs)
Dividend Distribution Frequency: Semi-annual distribution. (June and December)

Distributions, if any, will be payable within two months after the end of each semi-annual period of each year. However, investors should note that such distribution is not guaranteed and is subject to all times to the discretion of the Manager. There is currently no dividend reinvestment service.
Expense Ratio Expense ratio is capped at a maximum of 0.70% per annum.
Manager: Phillip Capital Management

Comparisons between Traditional Market Cap ETF and Strategic/Smart Beta ETF

Strategic/Smart Beta ETF utilises rules/factors-based approach to achieve its investment objective.

Similar to traditional Market Capitalisation Weighted ETFs, Strategic / Smart Beta ETFs employ a passive implementation strategy to make management of the ETF transparent, systematic and quantifiable.

Type: Traditional Market Cap ETF Strategic / Smart Beta ETF
Index Criteria: Based on Market Capitalisation   Rules / Factors-Based Screening
Weighting: Market Capitalisation Weighting   Rules / Factors-Based Weighting
Management Strategy: Passive Implementation Passive Implementation

Figure 1: Smart Beta ETF Index Objective and Implementation Strategy

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Benchmark Index Information:

Key Attributes of the Index
Index Objective

The Morningstar Dividend Yield Focus (DYF) Index Series is designed to track high-yielding companies screened for superior quality and financial health.

Morningstar® Singapore Yield Focus IndexSM aims to track the performance of top 30 SGX listed companies based on a quality income strategy using the proprietary factors that underpin the successful Morningstar DYF family of indexes.

Underpinning Factors

1. Business Quality

The index screens for companies with sustainable competitive advantage. Competitive advantages protect income stream from erosion.

2. Financial Health

The index methodology avoids companies with deteriorating balance sheets at risk of financial distress.

3. Dividend Yield

The index’s weighting scheme maximises yield and anchors the portfolio in the most liquid and stable companies, while capping security weight as a risk control.

Individual security weights are capped at 10% to avoid excessive security concentration and to enhance diversification.

Number of Stocks 30
Sector Allocation Financial Services – 39.1%
REIT – 17.45%
Industrials – 16.63%
Telecommunications – 16.03%
Consumer – 7.37%
Others – 2%
Real Estate – 0.40%
Top 10 stocks in Index
  1. DBS Group Holdings Ltd
  2. Singapore Exchange Ltd
  3. United Overseas Bank Ltd
  4. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd
  5. Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
  6. SATS Ltd
  7. Singapore Technologies Engineering
  8. Genting Singapore Ltd
  9. CapitaLand Mall Trust
  10. NetLink NBN Trust