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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply use the same login credentials as the rest of the POEMS platforms (account number & password) to sign in to POEMS Mobile 3.

No. Account holders can only login using their account number and password.

Simply download our POEMS mobile 3 App on App Store/Google Play Store and sign up as a registered user using your mobile number or email address.

For sign-ups using mobile number:

Step 1: Launch the POEMS  Mobile 3 App and select the “SIGNUP’ button
Step 2: Enter your mobile number based on your country code
Step 3: Enter the code sent to your mobile via SMS for verification
Step 4: Set your password to register


For sign-ups using an email address:

Step 1: Launch the POEMS  Mobile 3 App and select the “SIGNUP’ button
Step 2: Enter your Email Address
Step 3: Enter the code sent to your email address for verification
Step 4: Set your password to register

Registered users are able access watchlists, news, calendar, top traded/volume stocks based on different markets, joining interest groups, articles/guides, signing up for free seminars/webinars, and many more.

For the rest of the inaccessible features such as making a trade, making a deposit, and converting currencies, clients will be required to open a POEMS account first.

POEMS Mobile 3 is the new and improved version of our current mobile trading app, POEMS Mobile 2.0. The new POEMS Mobile 3 app sports a fresh new look and feel built from scratch with the following key changes:

  • Improved Navigation: To make trading on-the-go easier than ever, the entire navigation of the platform is being redesigned. The new app provides quick access to the actions you need, by keeping the right features always one tap away.
  • Refreshed Interface: Committed to deliver the best-in-class trading experience, we have built a fresh new look from scratch for a more streamlined and rich trading experience.
  • Intuitive Portfolio Management: The new and improved portfolio interface allows you to better track your holdings, with easy access to your account history, orders, balances, and positions.
  • TradingView Charting: Integrated directly into POEMS Mobile 3 app, you can now trade using the industry’s best charting tool and conduct in-depth technical analysis of your favourite counters on-the-go!
  • Community Groups: Connect and share investment tips with like-minded investors.
  • Ideas and Education: Get insights from our in-house analysts and wide array of education materials ranging from webinars, articles, and many more to broaden your perspective of the investment world.

POEMS Mobile 3 will also incorporate exciting new features that are not available on POEMS Mobile 2.0 in upcoming releases – stay tuned!

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