Share Builders Plan (“SBP”) is a regular fixed dollar amount investment plan, which enables you to buy shares on a consistent and incremental basis so as to build up a portfolio of securities for yourself eventually. Therefore, you do not need a huge amount of funds to invest in stock market since Share Builders Plan presents an opportunity for you to invest in stock market to buy odd lots at a reduced cost.

By investing a fixed amount of funds consistently every month over a period of time, your average cost of shares purchased will generally be lower than the average price of the shares over the same period of time. This is possible since with the same amount of funds, you will buy more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when prices are high.

This investment method is known as dollar-cost-averaging, and it is especially useful in hedging against market volatility. With such a disciplined and consistent method, you will eventually build up a portfolio of stocks at a lower averaged cost.
28 Counters Available for Selection

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A Gift For Your Little Ones

Every child is a precious gift to us and we always want the best for them. Open a Junior Share Builders Plan jointly with your child to give them a head start in life. You can start up with as low as S$100 a month with any counters that available in Share Builders Plan. Visit any of our Phillip Investor Centres and bring along your required documents to start up now :
  1. NRIC
    -Singaporean & Singapore PR or
    -Employment/ S-Pass and Passport (Foreigner) of Parent/Legal Guardian

  2. Birth Certificate or proof of guardianship of the child

  3. A bank account number that you want to use for the Inter-bank GIRO deduction

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28 counters available for selection
Start from as low as S$100/month per counter
Auto GIRO deduction from bank
Dividend Reinvestment
Flexible to amend your investment instruction through POEMS
No lock in period

Account holder must be at least 18 years old;
A minor (new born to 17 years old) must open an SBP Joint Account with the parent / legal guardian.
Parent/Legal Guardian must have a stock trading account with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
Must have an Interbank GIRO Account

* All fees are subjected to GST
**Dividend charges will be equivalent to dividend amount, if the amount is less than S$1.



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