Eastspring – Notice to Unitholders – Change in Investment Wording for Monthly Income Plan

Notice to shareholders

Please be informed that there will be slight amendments to Eastspring Investment Funds – Monthly Income Plan (“MIP”)’s:

a. Investment objective and focus – to provide clarity on the type of assets which the Fund may invest in; and
b. Investment approach – to provide clarity on the equity investments in respect of the Fund.

Kindly note that the effective date of the amendments is 22 October 2021.

The ISIN codes of the respective share classes of MIP are as follows:

• Class M: SG9999002968
• Class M (RMB Hedged): SG9999010763
• Class S (SGD): SGXZ60733854)
• Class A: SG9999002851
• Class IA: SG9999016455

For more details, please refer to the Shareholder Notification Letter

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