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Shareholder Notice

“We, Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited in our capacity as the managers of the Fund (the “Managers”), are writing to inform you of the upcoming update to the Fund’s prospectus made in connection with the update to the prospectus of the Fund’s underlying fund, the Nikko AM Global Umbrella Fund – Nikko AM Global Green Bond Fund (the “Underlying Fund”), in order for the Underlying Fund to meet the disclosure requirements foreseen by Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27 November 2019 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector, as amended (the “Disclosure Regulation”)..

In connection with the disclosures made within the Underlying Fund’s prospectus to comply with the requirements foreseen by the Disclosure Regulation, the following paragraph will be added under the investment objective, focus and approach section of the Fund’s prospectus:

The NGUF – Nikko AM Global Green Bond Fund has sustainable investment as its objective, within the meaning of article 9 of the SFD Regulation. The NGUF – Nikko AM Global Green Bond Fund aims to deliver performance while at the same time pursuing environmental, social and governance objectives. The bonds in which the NGUF – Nikko AM Global Green Bond Fund may invest and which are not issued for any environmental purpose, will have strong sustainable credentials and are selected based on sustainable-oriented goal mission statements such as:

–      the promotion of equitable and sustainable growth;

–      the reduction of poverty and inequality in a sustainable, climate friendly way;

–      the economic and social development of emerging market economies;

–      the improvement of inclusion and the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations across Europe;

–      the promotion of environmentally sound and sustainable development.”

This update has no impact on the way the Fund is managed, it’s asset allocation or it’s risk profile.

The Fund’s updated prospectus to be registered on 22 March 2021 will reflect, among others, the abovementioned update. Electronic copies of the prospectus may also be obtained at”

For more details, please refer to the shareholder notification letter.

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