PineBridge – Fee Waiver on PineBridge Emerging Europe Equity Fund (The “Fund”)

Shareholder Notice

The fund manager wish to inform you that further to the notice dated 2 March 2022 relating to the suspension of the calculation of the Net Asset Value per Unit of PineBridge Emerging Europe Equity Fund and the right of Unitholders to purchase, redeem or exchange units in the Fund (the “Suspension”), they are writing to notify you that they have decided not to accrue, or charge, management fees (including servicing fees where applicable) in the PineBridge Emerging Europe Equity Fund (affected ISINs: IE00B12V2T05 and IE0003893678) from 2 March 2022 until further notice.

Please note that this decision has been made following the recommendation of the Manager and is considered to be in the best interests of Unitholders as a whole in light of current circumstances.

For more details, please refer to the shareholder notification letter.

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