Schroders – Investor Notification for Schroder ISF Global Multi Asset Income

Shareholder notification

This notification is for Schroder International Selection Fund – Global Multi-Asset Income Fund – with effect from 29 October 2021, the following changes will be made to the Fund:
– The income target in the Fund’s investment objective will change from 5% per annum to a range of 3% – 5% per annum;
– The volatility target will be removed from the Fund’s investment objective;
– A new comparator benchmark made up of the following will be added: 30% MSCI AC World Index (USD), 40% Barclays Global Aggregate Corporate Bond Index (USD) and 30% Barclays Global High Yield excl CMBS & EMG 2% (USD);
– The Fund will incorporate binding environmental and/or social characteristic(s), within the meaning of Article 8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”). Details of the Fund’s environmental and/or social characteristics and how it seeks to achieve them will be disclosed in the Fund’s investment policy and under a new section called “Sustainability Criteria” in the Fund Characteristics section of the prospectus; and
– The distribution policy for some of the share classes will change.

For more details, please read the shareholder notification letter.

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