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There are ZERO transaction fees (e.g. no sales charge, switching fees) and ZERO ongoing fees (e.g. no platform fees) when you transact Unit Trust online via POEMS. Learn more about zero fees.

We understand that some of our customers value the convenience of investing anytime and anywhere online through POEMS. However, we also understand that some customers prefer having face-to-face meetings with an advisor to provide them with financial advisory services and/or monitor their portfolios. Hence apart from POEMS online, we also have our offline services to provide these financial advisory services to those who need it. A fee may be levied as these advisors are able to provide professional advice that is tailored for your individual investment needs.

Below retirement age, a CPF investment cannot be converted into a cash investment. It can only be converted when an investor reaches retirement age and has met the CPF minimum required sum set aside.

You may transfer in your holdings by following the instructions here. Enjoy ZERO transaction fees (e.g. no sales charge, switching fees) and ZERO ongoing fees (e.g. no platform fees) when you transact Unit Trust online via POEMS. You will also be rewarded when you transfer your holdings to us!

For more information regarding transfer in, please refer to our Transfer In page.

PhillipCapital’s Excess Funds Management Facility, also known as SMART Park, allows you to park your idle money for returns while you wait for investment opportunities. SMART Park invests on a discretionary basis into the Phillip Money Market Fund.
Link to Opt-In on POEMS

To opt-in on POEMS:

1. If you would like to opt-in online using another device, kindly follow these steps: Login > Acct Mgmt > Stocks > Online Forms > Account Application > Excess Fund Authorisation.

2. You may also opt-in to SMART Park via MyWealth App. Simply log in to your account > Select Smart Series > SMART Park > Select the desired account and click on the “Opt-in” button.

Alternatively, you may contact your Financial Advisor or our call centre at 6531 1555 for assistance.

The cut-off time is 3pm on any standard dealing day. If your order is submitted after 3pm or submitted on a non-dealing day, the order will be processed on the next dealing day. Examples of non-dealing days include weekends and public holidays of the fund’s country of origin.

Net Asset Value is the market value of the fund’s total assets, plus income, less expenses.

Since the NAV of a fund needs to be calculated, it will be announced by the fund houses after 2 dealing days. Hence the NAV displayed is always back dated. The NAV at which you have transacted will be made known to you within 2 dealing days.

An individual who is:

  • Above 18 years of age; and
  • Non-U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Residents

Is eligible to invest in unit trusts.

For cash holdings, settlement will be up to T + 7 business days.

For CPF/SRS (IA Status) holdings, settlement will be T + 5 business days.

“Acc” and “Dis” are abbreviations of the words “Accumulation” and “Distribution”, which denote classes of the fund.

Accumulation funds do not distribute dividends. Instead, all income and interest attributable to this Class will be accumulated and reflected in the price (NAV) of the units of the Class.

Distribution funds distribute dividends either by cash payout or by reinvesting back into the fund. Transactions where distributions are in the form of cash, they will be re-invested to the same fund by default. The dividends will be reinvested in the form of additional units in your relevant holdings.

If you prefer to have your dividends paid out in cash, you may choose the dividend payout option in POEMS 2.0 or POEMS Mobile 3 App when you subscribe to the fund online. If you do not wish to transact through POEMS 2.0 or wish to change your existing dividend options, please fill in this form.

Some funds distribute dividends while some funds do not. Funds that distribute dividends either do so in cash value or units. Dividends issued in cash value can be paid out and credited to your account.* If you do not opt for a payout option, the dividends will be re-invested by default.

Dividends that are issued in units will not be received in cash. In this situation, if you require a cash payout, you may sell some or all of these units depending on your requirements.

The declaration of distribution is at the sole discretion of the Fund Manager and is not guaranteed.

* If you opt for the dividend payout option, dividends will be credited according to the fund source of the investment. For example, paid out dividends for investments under the CPFIS will be credited back to your CPF account.

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