Cash Management Account


Brings you potentially greater earnings and a better way to trade


Phillip Cash Management Account (PCMA) is an enhance trading account that allows you to perform trades and settlement for Shares, Unit trusts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Treasury Bills or other investment products via POEMS and trading representative. PCMA also contains useful account management features that increase the convenience in trading.


Hassle-free Trade Settlement
PCMA is a ledger-based account that has the ability to hold money in the account at anytime. Clients will enjoy automatic deduction or crediting for trades done in Stocks, Unit Trusts, Treasury Bills and more, without having to worry about the possible delays in payment and receiving of the proceeds due to various reasons. Trade purchases will be settled as long as you have sufficient funds in the account; this applies to the crediting of the proceeds after a sale is done. There are no changes in the way you perform your trades and no minimum balance is required to be maintained in the trading account.

Excess Funds Management Facility
Through the Excess Funds Management Facility, clients will be able to earn returns through the excess fund parked into the trading account. In this manner your excess funds not used for trading are not left idling, instead it makes your money work harder for you. The excess funds will be invested on a discretionary basis into Money Market Funds. Currently, excess SGD funds will be invested in the Phillip Money Market Fund whereas excess USD funds will be invested in the Phillip USD Money Market Fund.

For more details on Excess Funds Management Facility click here.

Alternatively, if you do not opt in for the Excess funds Management Facility, the excess funds parked in the account are still interest bearing. All funds in the trading account is held in the Trust account.

For Singapore dollar placed in the account, interest rate is tiered based on:

Amount Interest Rate*
Less than S$50,000 Nil
More than S$50,000 0.10% p.a.

For foreign currencies placed in the account, interest rate is tiered based on:

Amount Interest Rate*
USD$, HKD$ and AUD$ Less than $50,000 Nil
More than USD$50,000 0.15% p.a.
More than HKD$50,000 0.10% p.a.
More than AUD$50,000 1.50% p.a.
STYLE–> MYR, JPY & GBP, EUR & CAD are not interest bearing

*The above rates will take effect 12 Mar 2011

Multi-currency Facility
With this facility, you also have the option of maintaining foreign currency balances in your account for ease of trading and efficient management of your foreign currency denominated investments. With Multi-Currency facility clients can:

  1. Choose to maintain foreign currencies in the trading account
  2. Convert the money in the trading account into different currencies for settlement of their trades with the purpose of mitigating foreign currency risk
  3. Withdraw foreign currencies with no minimum holding amount required to be maintained in the account.

Auto adjustment of trading Limit
Trade up to the amount placed in the trading account. With this feature you need not request for an increase in trading limit. The trading limit will be the trading account assigned limit or the amount placed in the trading account, whichever is higher.

Online Transactional Records
Transactional records are archived up to 12 months (year to date) online. Clients can easily access to their settled transactions and checks their balances via POEMS. You need not have to search through your bank statements and try to reconcile the trades done against the amount received.

Paper statements will be sent to all clients to supplement the online transactional records. If you wish to opt-in to E-statements click here to find out more.