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ETF Name Ticker Code Latest Traded Price Region/Sector/Strategy Asset Class AUM Expense Ratio Number of Holdings
-1x Short VIX Futures ETFSVIX13.48N.A / N.A / EquityMiscellaneous1493559791.474
2x Long VIX Futures ETFUVIX25.29N.A / N.A / EquityMiscellaneous2845458971.775
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETFSMIG22.23N.A / N.A / N.AEquity1987055480.649
AAM Transformers ETFTRFM24.4803N.A / Technology / N.AEquity123711940.49183
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration ETFTAFI25.0945N.A / Municipal / Short TermFixed Income872663010.2792
AB Ultra Short Income ETFYEAR50.1517N.A / N.A / UltraShort Term,Short TermFixed Income2322908260.25149
ABF Hong Kong Bond Index281994.1Hong Kong / N.A / N.AFixed Income20278614320.255
ABF Pan Asia Bond Index2821108Asia / N.A / N.AFixed Income33455864720.18520
ABF Singapore Bond IndexA351.048Singapore / N.A / N.AFixed Income993156794N.A70
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETFBCD32.1427N.A / Broad Baskets / N.ACommodities255360820.2915
ETF Name Fund Manager Exchange Ticker Code Trading Currency Benchmark
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETFAAMNYSE / AMEXSMIGUSDRussell 2500 TR USD
AAM Transformers ETFAAMNYSE / AMEXTRFMUSDPence Transformers TR USD
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration ETFAllianceBernsteinNYSE / AMEXTAFIUSDN/A
AB Ultra Short Income ETFAllianceBernsteinNYSE / AMEXYEARUSDN/A
ABF Hong Kong Bond IndexHSBC Investment Funds (HK) LimitedHKEx2819HKD Markit iBoxx ABF HK TR LCL
ABF Pan Asia Bond IndexState Street Global Adv Singapore LtdHKEx2821USD Markit iBoxx ABF Pan-ABF USD TR
ABF Singapore Bond IndexNikko Asset Management Asia LimitedSGXA35SGD Markit iBoxx ABF SGP TR LCL
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETFAberdeen Standard InvestmentsNYSE / AMEXBCDUSDBloomberg Commodity Forward 3 Mon TR USD
ETF Name Latest Traded Price NAV Premium/Discount
-1x Short VIX Futures ETF13.4813.4523-0.19
2x Long VIX Futures ETF25.2925.37760.68
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETF22.2322.2477N.A
AAM Transformers ETF24.480324.47740.14
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration ETF25.094525.05980.03
AB Ultra Short Income ETF50.151750.09850.08
ABF Hong Kong Bond Index94.195.2919-0.45
ABF Pan Asia Bond Index108107.97950.01
ABF Singapore Bond Index1.0481.05270.57
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETF32.142732.15690.07
ETF Name Asset Class Style Region/Sector/Strategy Replication Method
-1x Short VIX Futures ETFMiscellaneousN.AN.A / N.A / EquityNot Applicable
2x Long VIX Futures ETFMiscellaneousN.AN.A / N.A / EquityNot Applicable
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETFEquityMid ValueN.A / N.A / N.ANot Applicable
AAM Transformers ETFEquityLarge GrowthN.A / Technology / N.APhysical-Full
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration ETFFixed IncomeShort Term Medium QualityN.A / Municipal / Short TermNot Applicable
AB Ultra Short Income ETFFixed IncomeShort Term Medium QualityN.A / N.A / UltraShort Term,Short TermNot Applicable
ABF Hong Kong Bond IndexFixed IncomeIntermediate Term High QualityHong Kong / N.A / N.APhysical-Sample
ABF Pan Asia Bond IndexFixed IncomeN.AAsia / N.A / N.APhysical-Sample
ABF Singapore Bond IndexFixed IncomeLong Term High QualitySingapore / N.A / N.APhysical-Full
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETFCommoditiesN.AN.A / Broad Baskets / N.APhysical-Sample
ETF Name 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
-1x Short VIX Futures ETF-21.8551-2.741711.6819N.AN.AN.AN.A
2x Long VIX Futures ETF32.4084279.1604139.7156N.AN.AN.AN.A
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETF-9.0426-0.8014-0.98-8.3488N.AN.AN.A
AAM Transformers ETF-3.50778.7144-0.8031N.AN.AN.AN.A
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration ETF0.45840.01790.4182N.AN.AN.AN.A
AB Ultra Short Income ETF-0.08630.24330.3235N.AN.AN.AN.A
ABF Hong Kong Bond Index0.69332.38610.8009-4.1138-3.7717-4.065-9.1434
ABF Pan Asia Bond Index0.41766.44375.2529-7.0447-3.5651-7.7579-16.2539
ABF Singapore Bond Index2.42250.18963.3236-5.1167-10.4237-5.2867-10.8017
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETF-3.5044-6.5619-11.7444-13.757267.525923.1521N.A
ETF Name PE Ratio PB Ratio Latest Dividend Payout Date Latest Dividend Payout Per Unit Dividend Yield (TTM) (%) Dividend Frequency
-1x Short VIX Futures ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AAnnually
2x Long VIX Futures ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AAnnually
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETF15.295042.32467N.AN.A1.93025Monthly
AAM Transformers ETF26.985663.74281N.AN.AN.AAnnually
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AMonthly
AB Ultra Short Income ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AMonthly
ABF Hong Kong Bond IndexN.AN.A31/12/18990.050.06457Semi-Annually
ABF Pan Asia Bond IndexN.AN.A06/02/20231.613.09623Semi-Annually
ABF Singapore Bond IndexN.AN.A15/01/20230.01232.39914Annually
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETFN.AN.AN.AN.A5.42498Annually
ETF Name Standard Deviation Alpha Beta R-Square Sharpe Ratio Treynor Ratio Tracking Error
-1x Short VIX Futures ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.A
2x Long VIX Futures ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.A
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETF21.360.810.7494.080.02-2.178.96
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.A
AB Ultra Short Income ETFN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.AN.A
ABF Hong Kong Bond Index5.83N.AN.AN.A-1.49N.AN.A
ABF Pan Asia Bond Index12.24N.AN.AN.A-0.8N.AN.A
ABF Singapore Bond Index6.74N.AN.AN.A-1.47N.AN.A
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETF19.2N.AN.AN.A-0.05N.AN.A

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