Did you know the Straits Times Index (STI) gained 14% in the 1st half of the year and has risen to its highest since August 2015? To help you to capitalise on opportunities in the Singapore market, we are extending the offer of complimentary SGX Market Depth Access from 17 July to 30 September 2017.

SGX Market Depth, also known as Level 2 Market Data displays the number of Buy orders and Sell orders of each price level of a particular listed security (e.g. stocks or ETFs), up to 20 levels of pending orders on both Buy and Sell side. In simple terms, it shows the different price levels which buyers are willing to buy and sellers willing to sell at any given time.

SGX Market Depth is in real time and the orders shown changes constantly from pre-open session to market close. SGX Market Depth information allows you to enhance trading decisions by checking stock liquidity, optimising buy / sell orders, and establishing price support / resistance.

For a limited time only, you will get complimentary SGX Market Depth Access on all POEMS suite of trading platforms i.e. POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile, POEMS Mercury. No subscription required! Here are the ways you can view SGX Market Depth on POEMS 2.0:

By adding Trading Info widget

By right click

Don’t have a POEMS Account?

Not sure how to use SGX Market Depth? Here is a guide to help you:

Terms & Conditions for “Complimentary SGX Market Depth Access” Promotion:

  1. “Promotional Period” is from 17 July 2017 to 30 September 2017 (both dates inclusive)
  2. “Eligible Clients” are defined as follows:
    1. any client of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (PSPL) who have traded at least once from 1 January 2015 to 30 June 2017, and
    2. any new clients who open an account with PSPL within the Promotional Period, and
    3. any client of PSPL that does not fulfil criteria (a) can email reward@phillip.com.sg with the subject title ‘Complimentary SGX Market Depth access – <account number>’ and receive the complimentary SGX Market Depth access within 3 business days.
  3. Eligible Clients will get complimentary SGX Market Depth Access on POEMS suite of trading platforms (POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile, POEMS ProTrader and POEMS Mercury) during the Promotional Period, with periods as follows:
    1. from 17 July 2017 to 30 September 2017
    2. from date of account opening to 30 September 2017
    3. from 3 business days of date of request to 30 September 2017
  4. Any account with an existing SGX Market Depth Access subscription will have their existing subscription extended by 3 months. For example, client A has an existing SGX Market Depth Subscription from 15 May 2017 to 14 August 2017. With this promotion, client A’s SGX Market Depth Subscription will be extended by 3 months from 15 August 2017 to 14 November 2017.
  5. Notwithstanding anything herein contained, PSPL reserves the right at any time in its absolute discrete to (i) amend, add and / or delete any time of these Terms and Conditions without prior notification (including eligibility and qualifying terms and criteria), and all participants shall be bound by such amendments, additions and / or deletions when effected, or (ii) vary, withdraw, or cancel any items or the promotion without having to disclose a reason there of and without any compensation or payment whatsoever. PSPL decision on all matters relating to the promotion shall be final and binding on all participants.
  6. By taking part in this promotion, the participant acknowledges that he/she has read and consented to these Terms and Conditions.