Changes the way you trade.

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Multi-Asset, Multi-Market

Connect to over 15 global exchanges (and counting) in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, US, China and Germany, with just a single log in.

Diversify your portfolio with access to multi-asset classes such as Equities, Contracts For Difference (CFDs), Unit Trust, Futures and FX, all within one trading platform.

Global Chart Live

Be empowered with real-time streaming charts, customisable chart settings and technical indicators. Bringing together the best of intraday and historical charting, Global Chart Live allows you to compare data of up to 20 years of data, for up to 5 different asset classes at one glance.

Advanced Order Types

Advanced Order Types such as Stop Limit and Limit If Touched Orders give you flexibility and tools required to better deal with changing market conditions. Now also available for SGX counters.

*All depictions of trades by image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.

Live Order Notifications

Get customisable, real-time updates on your desktop for your orders with Live Order Notifications. View Live trade updates instantly on your trade history logs

*All depictions of trades by image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.

Personalised Interface with
Integrated Trading Tools

Power your investment decisions with our suite of trading tools such as Stock Analytics, ChartWhiz and Trading Central. Mix and match, re-arrange and customise your workspaces, exactly how you want it to be.

Minimum system requirement:

  • Windows 8 / Windows 10 / macOS 10.13
  • Processor at 2.0 GHz or faster
  • 4 Gigabytes (GBs) or more RAM
  • Screen Resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels or higher
  • Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 17 or above, Safari 5 and above, Chrome v25 and above
  • Adobe Reader 8.2 and above
  • Java Plug-In
  • Connection to the Internet

Note: System requirements and performance may vary from one platform to another.

You can login to POEMS 2.0 via POEMS Homepage

Simply enter your POEMS account number and password on the top right corner and click on the Login button.

POEMS 2.0 uses the same login credentials as Classic POEMS, POEMS Mobile 2.0 and POEMS Pro.

POEMS 2.0 offers 12 products and services across more than 26 global exchanges:
  • Stocks
  • ETF – Exchange Traded Funds
  • CFDs – Contracts for Differences
  • CFD-DMA - CFD – Direct Market Access
  • CFD-FX - CFD - Forex
  • CFD-World Indices
  • Reg FX / Bullion
  • Mini FX / Bullion
  • Futures
  • UT – Unit Trust
  • Bonds
  • SBL – Securities Borrowing and Lending
You may search for a counter via the Search Name / Symbol box in the View Price widget under Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2). Alternatively, you may use the drop down lists in the View Price widget to browse through the different global markets and exchanges to find a counter.

The following are the exchanges supported on POEMS 2.0 for equities:

Market(s) Supported Exchange(s)
Singapore SGX
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia
United States (US) NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX
United Kingdom (UK) LSE
Japan TSE
Hong Kong HKEx, HK Pre-IPO
Shanghai SSE-A
Shenzhen SZSE-A
Thailand SET
Australia ASX
Indonesia IDX
Turkey BIST
Germany FWB

There are 3 methods to add counters to your Watchlists:

Method 1: Hover and click on +WATCHLIST

  • Move your cursor over the counter
  • Click on the +WATCHLIST button and select the Watchlist you wish to add to

Method 2: Right-click on counter

  • Right-click on a counter in Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2) to display sub-menu
  • Hover over 'Add To' and select the Watchlist you wish to add to

Method 3: Using the Basic Search or Advanced Search Function

  • In the Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2) tab, click on the Watchlist sub-tab
  • Use the Basic Search or Advanced Search to search for your counter - a list of suggested counters will be shown
  • Click on the counter to add it to your selected Watchlist

Each Watchlist can contain up to 50 counters.

No, you do not have to re-create new Watchlists for POEMS 2.0. Simply import your Watchlist by following these steps:

Step 1: In the Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2) tab, click on the Watchlist sub-tab

Step 2: Select Import Watchlist - the left panel shows your Watchlists from P1; the right panel shows your Watchlists in P2

Step 3: Drag and drop the counters/watchlist from the left panel to the right panel - the counter will appear on your selected Watchlist in P2.

Step 4: Click on the Confirm button to save your changes.

There are 3 ways to submit a trade in POEMS 2.0:

Method 1: Via Trade (LP2) tab
  • Click once on the specific counter in the View Price widget. The selected counter’s last done price will show up on the Trade widget on the right.
  • Select the Order Type and the Trade Action [BUY / SHORT (SGX only) / SELL].
  • Enter the Limit Price and Total Quantity. The Gross value is calculated based on the selection.
  • Select your Payment Type, Settlement Currency, and Order Validity if required.
  • Enter the password in the password field and click on the BUY/SHORT SELL/SELL button.
  • On the next screen, preview and confirm your order. Click on the SUBMIT button and the order will be submitted.

*For your convenience, the system will remember the quantity that you had last indicated, and reflect the same figures under the Quantity menu. It does not reflect the amount you actually hold.

Method 2: Double-click on counter
  • In the View Price widget, double click on the specific counter. A Trade ticket popup will appear.
Method 3: Right-click on counter
  • In the View Price widget, right click on the specific counter to bring up the sub-menu.
  • In the sub-menu, select Trade to open a new Trade ticket popup.
There are 2 methods to trade Unit Share (SGX):

Method 1: Right-click on counter

  • Under the View Price widget, right click on counter to bring up the sub-menu
  • In the sub-menu, select the Trade Unit Share option to open a Unit Share Market Trade ticket

Method 2: SGX Unit Share sub-tab

  • Under the View Price widget, click on the sub-tab SGX Unit Share
  • Search for specific counters via the Add to Watchlist box – a list of suggested results will be shown
  • Click to add the specific counter to the Watchlist
  • Alternatively, you may also search for the counter via the drop down list available in the SGX Unit Share sub-tab

*Do note that the SGX Unit Share widget has 5 separate Watchlists for you to add counters and view SGX Unit Share prices

You may view your present day and past 7 days’ orders under the Order Status tab or from the Order status widget under the Trade (LP2) tab.

Click on the drop down list to filter the orders that you wish to view.

There are 2 methods to view Time & Sales, Trade Summary and Market Depth*:

Method 1 - Right click on counter

  • In the View Price widget, right click on counter to bring up the sub menu.
  • In the sub menu, select Time & Sales, Trade Summary or Market Depth to open a new window with the respective module.

Method 2 - Trading Info widget

  • Time & Sales, Trade Summary and Market Depth are available via the Trading Info widget. To see how to add a new widget, please refer to the question ‘How do I add a new Tab or Widget?’ below.

*Market Depth for SGX and HKEx are only available after subscription of SGX Market Depth / Hong Kong Live Price services via POEMS rewards.
You may view your outstanding positions by going to Acct Mgmt tab > Stocks > Outstanding Positions. All your outstanding positions of your trades due for payment are shown here.

You may login to POEMS using your account number and view your holdings under "Account Details". Otherwise, you may refer to the monthly statement sent to you or contact your representative.

POEMS 2.0 consists of a series of Tabs and Widgets. Tabs are similar to the way your web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) are organised, and allows you to toggle between different tabs within one single window.

By default, POEMS 2.0 has a standard set of Tabs defined for your usage whenever you log in. If required, you may also add/remove/rename additional tabs.

In POEMS 2.0, each Tab is considered a workspace and within each Tab, you can add in trading tools (which we identify as Widgets).

*Each workspace can hold up to 6 Widgets. These Widgets can be grouped and resized according to your preference.

Click on the [+] button on the top menu bar in POEMS 2.0 – a new empty tab will be created

After creating your new Tab, you may choose from our suggested preset Tab layouts.

Alternatively, you may create your own workspace by clicking on Customise. A Widget Store will appear on the right of your screen. Click on the Widget that you are interested in, then drag and drop the Widget into your newly created workspace.

To remove a user-created Tab, simply click on the "x" icon near the Tab name.

To rename a user-created tab, simply double click on the Tab name and enter your desired name.

Alternatively, you may choose to rename or remove the Tab by clicking on the small arrow on the Tab.

Yes, the customisations you make to your platform will remain the same when you log in to POEMS 2.0 again.
Yes, simply go to My Settings > Settings > Restore Workspace to restore to the original setting.
Yes, simply go to My Settings > Settings > Login and Password.

Yes, simply go to My Settings > My Account to update your mobile number or email address.

To update your mailing address, please use the Updating of Personal Particulars form

For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out after a certain duration. You may change this duration by going to My Settings > Settings > Login and Password.
Yes. For SG counters in specific, please go to My Settings > Select Settings > Trade Settings > Uncheck “Block Order if Qty > 1 Million” for the selected product(s) > Enter in your POEMS password > Click on Save.