Changes the way you trade.

Your one stop trading portal.

Access to multi-asset and multi-market.

Stream global charts in real-time.

Trade in advanced order types.

Receive real-time updates.

Personalise based on how you trade.

Multi-Asset, Multi-Market

Connect to over 14 global exchanges (and counting) in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, US, China and Germany.

Empower your trading and investment via access to HK Pre-IPO, US Pre-Market and US Asian Hours with just a single log in.

Diversify your portfolio with access to multi-asset classes such as Equities, Contracts For Difference (CFDs), Unit Trust, Futures and FX, all within one trading platform.

Global Chart Live

Be empowered with real-time streaming charts, customisable chart settings and technical indicators. Bringing together the best of intraday and historical charting, Global Chart Live allows you to compare data of up to 20 years of data, for up to 5 different asset classes at one glance.

Advanced Order Types

Advanced Order Types such as Stop Limit and Limit If Touched Orders give you flexibility and tools required to better deal with changing market conditions.

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*All depictions of trades by image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.

Live Order Notifications

Get customisable, real-time updates on your desktop for your orders with Live Order Notifications. View Live trade updates instantly on your trade history logs.

*All depictions of trades by image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.

Personalised Interface with Integrated Trading Tools

Power your investment decisions with our suite of trading tools such as Stock Analytics, Technical Insight and Economic Calendar. Mix and match, re-arrange and customise your workspaces, exactly how you want it to be.

Frequently asked questions.

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You can login to POEMS 2.0 via POEMS Homepage.

Simply enter your POEMS account number and password on the top right corner and click on the Login button.

POEMS 2.0 shares the same login credentials (Account number and password) as the rest of the POEMS platforms.

POEMS 2.0 offers 11 products and services across more than 26 global exchanges:

  • Stocks
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Contracts For Difference
  • Securities Borrowing and Lending
  • Forex
  • Gold
  • Futures
  • Unit Trust
  • Share Builders Plan
  • Regular Savings Plan
  • Bonds

You may search for a counter via the Search Name / Symbol box in the View Price widget under Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2). Alternatively, you may use the drop down lists in the View Price widget to browse through the different global markets and exchanges to find a counter.

The following are the exchanges supported on POEMS 2.0 for equities:

Market(s) Supported Exchange(s)
Singapore SGX
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia
United States (US) NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX
United Kingdom (UK) LSE
Japan TSE
Hong Kong HKEx, HK Pre-IPO
Shanghai SSE-A
Shenzhen SZSE-A
Thailand SET
Australia ASX
Indonesia IDX
Germany FWB

There are 3 methods to add counters to your Watchlists:

Method 1: Hover and click on +WATCHLIST

  • Move your cursor over the counter
  • Click on the +WATCHLIST button and select the Watchlist you wish to add to

Method 2: Right-click on counter

  • Right-click on a counter in Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2) to display sub-menu
  • Hover over ‘Add To’ and select the Watchlist you wish to add to

Method 3: Using the Basic Search or Advanced Search Function

  • In the Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2) tab, click on the Watchlist sub-tab
  • Use the Basic Search or Advanced Search to search for your counter – a list of suggested counters will be shown
  • Click on the counter to add it to your selected Watchlist

  • Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 / macOS 10.13
  • Processor at 2.0 GHz or faster
  • 4 Gigabytes (GBs) or more RAM
  • Screen Resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels or higher
  • Compatible Web Browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5)
  • Adobe Reader 8.2 and above
  • Connection to the Internet

Note: System requirements and performance may vary from one platform to another.


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