Securities Advisory Service

Securities Advisory Service gives you:

  • Bespoke investment advice from your investment specialist
  • Control – your specialist places trades for you only upon your confirmation
  • Lower brokerage charges compared to standard broker-assisted rates
  • Access to local and foreign stock markets
  • Secured approval via our Wealth Management platform

With Securities Advisory Service, you will receive professional advice on stock investments from your Representative. He/She will recommend stocks and assist to place trades for you upon your confirmation.

A suitability analysis will also be performed to understand your investment objectives, financial situation, particular needs and risk tolerance. This service would be suitable for investors with high risk preference.

Are you a busy professional who sees value in receiving stock picks and trade execution services from an investment specialist for a monthly fee?

If your answer is YES, Securities Advisory Service might be the right service for you! Speak to your/an investment specialist NOW!

Your Financial Adviser Representative will be selecting Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from more than 26 global exchanges. What’s more? You can enjoy our excess fund facility.

ETFs offer a low-cost and easy way for you to gain exposure to a basket of stocks instead of exposure to a single company. There is a wide variety of ETFs available in the market to cater to your investment needs and goals. Talk to your Representatives and understand more about ETFs now!

Phillip Capital Management – the Asset Management arm of PhillipCapital Group offers three ETFs:

  • Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF – Gain easy access to a diversified and liquid basket of REITs across the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Phillip SING Income ETF – The easier way to gain access to high quality SG Stocks.
  • Phillip SGD Money Market ETF – Gain access to high quality debt and money market instruments and deposits with eligible financial institutions.

Learn more about ETFs from below:

Exchange Traded Fund

Why Invest in ETFs?

Access to 3,000+ ETFs listed on SGX, HKEx, AMEX, and many more. Find out more from ETF screener
Competitive pricing with zero platform fee
Dollar cost averaging available through Share Builders Plan
Learn from the best in the industry by meeting up face-to-face with ETF issuers. Attend our seminar to find out more.

More About ETFs

Rates and Charges

Minimum Investment Amount:S$25,000 (cash/ stocks equivalent)
Commission rate:0.12% (min S$10) for Singapore Shares;
From US$20 Flat for U.S. Shares;
0.18% (HK$80) for Hong Kong Shares;
(For other markets, please speak to your representative)
Advisory Fee:1.25% p.a.

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