POEMS Mercury is now POEMS Pro

We are excited to announce that POEMS Mercury has been rebranded as POEMS Pro!

This rebranding exercise is in line with our strategy to highlight that POEMS Pro is an advanced trading platform designed with active traders in mind. It is also to better communicate the breadth of expertise that POEMS Pro can provide to all traders during the execution of their trading strategies.

What has changed?

The rebranding includes a change in the platform’s name and logo.

In a bid to create a unified brand strategy and ensure consistency when it comes to the branding of our suite of trading platforms, the former POEMS Mercury logo will be replaced with the POEMS logo. Please note that the design and functionality of the platform will largely remain the same.

Despite the new name, POEMS Pro’s mission remains steadfast – we will stay committed to support the needs of all active traders through continuous enhancement to our platform’s usability, performance and reliability for their success.

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