Managed Account Services

Why Phillip Managed Account Services?

  • Direct ownership of stocks
  • Full listing of holdings through 24/7 online access and monthly statements
  • Flexibility of Funding (Securities, SRS, UTs, Cash)
  • Experience in Managed Account services dating back to 2002

What is Managed Account Services?

Individually managed investment portfolios that are beneficially owned by the individual investor and managed on a discretionary basis.

Reasons for Managed Account Services with Phillip

  • Help customers who find it challenging and time consuming to manage their wealth
  • Build your assets in three simple ways: Define, Select and Build
  • Our Portfolio Managers could help you take control of your investments and grow your wealth over the medium- to long-term on a discretionary basis
  • Benefit from a diversified portfolio of stocks, unit trusts, ETFs, bonds and more, in various sectors across the Asia Pacific Region and Global Markets
  • Experience in Managed Account Services dating back to 2002
  • We have researchers and analysts in Singapore and our regional network

Key Features

Global Presence

  • Researchers and Analysts in Singapore and our regional network which includes Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia


  • Select from a suite of managed account services to suit your risk profile and investment objectives


  • Direct ownership of stocks in your name


  • No withdrawal restrictions and no lock-in period


  • Full listing of your portfolio holdings through 24×7 online access and monthly statements

List of Managed Account Services

Income & GrowthSingapore Equity YieldBlue Chip Equity Yield
GrowthSingapore GrowthAsian Opportunities

Fees & Charges

MA fees & charges
Please contact us for our full listing of Managed Account Services and details on fees & charges.