Regular Savings Plan

Why Phillip RSP?

  • Wide range of investment products to choose from, including stocks and unit trusts
  • Hassle-free subscription with auto GIRO deduction
  • Start from a minimum of S$100 a month
  • Adopts the Dollar Cost Averaging concept
  • No lock-in period

What is Regular Savings Plan?

Whether you are planning for retirement, saving for your children, or achieving any financial goals, you need a sound investment plan and the right product to see you through.

Regular Savings Plan is an investment plan that can help you meet your financial goals. It takes advantage of the dollar cost averaging concept that does not require you to worry about market timing and volatility.

The Regular Savings Plan aims to turn market fluctuations to your benefit by managing market risk with dollar cost averaging. This is achieved by investing a fixed amount regularly, as you gradually build up your portfolio over time.

Investing in Regular Savings Plan

There is a wide range investment products including stocks and unit trust in PhillipCapital which are available under the Regular Savings Plan.

To find more about the stocks and unit trust funds available in the Regular Savings Plan, please click on the following:
Stocks/ETF List
Unit Trusts List

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