Money Market Fund

Phillip Money Market Fund (PMMF)

  • The largest^ retail SGD Money Market Fund in the market
  • No defaults amongst fixed income holding since inception (2001)
  • High degree of liquidity
  • Options to subscribe through Unit Trust or opt-in through Excess Funds Facility

What is Money Market Fund?

  • An open-ended mutual fund that invests in short-term (less than 1-year), and low risk debt securities for liquidity.
  • Investment objective is to preserve capital while providing higher yield.
  • A low risk place to park your cash awaiting investment.

Phillip Money Market Fund (PMMF) aims to preserve principal value and maintain a high degree of liquidity while producing return. The Sub-Fund will invest primarily in short term, high quality money market instruments and debt securities.

Excess Funds Facility – SMART Park

What is Excess Funds Facility?

  • Designed to allow your excess funds work harder for you while waiting for your next investment.
  • Excess funds in your trading account with a minimum balance of $100 will be automatically invested into Phillip Money Market Funds, available in both SGD and USD.
  • Units will be automatically redeemed from the facility for shares payment or other investment purchases.
  • Fund withdrawal request to your bank account can be done online through POEMS.

Benefits of Excess Funds Facility

  • No sales charges or administrative fees
  • High degree of liquidity
  • No lock- in period for your excess funds
  • Maximise investment opportunities as excess funds are not left idling at any time
  • Seamless payment for your shares trades and other investments

How does it work?

  1. Once you have opted in, excess funds in your trading account with a minimum balance of SGD100 will be automatically invested into Phillip Money Market Funds.
  2. The said fund will be automatically redeemed from the facility under any of the following scenarios:
    (i) for shares payment or other investment purchases or transactional fees charged
    (ii) funds withdrawal request by account holder
This facility is available for Cash Management Account, Prepaid Account, Margin Account, Custodian Account and Cash Plus Account.

^Based on Total Net Assets (TNA) figures reflected in (

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