Fidelity Sus Glb Div Plus Fd A Acc USD(LU2242646235)

The Fund aims to achieve income with the potential for some capital growth, investing at least 70% of net assets directly in equity securities of companies globally. The Investment Manager will target investments which it believes offer attractive dividend yields in addition to price appreciation. As this Fund may invest globally, it may be exposed to countries considered to be emerging markets. As well as investing directly in equity securities, the Fund will also achieve exposure indirectly through the use of derivatives. To enhance the income of the Fund, derivatives may be used to generate additional income, for example, by the writing of covered call options on securities held by the Fund, generating extra income in return for agreeing a strike price above which potential capital growth in a specified period is sold. The generation of additional income may impact the Fund's potential for capital growth, particularly in periods of rapidly rising markets where capital gains may be lower when compared with an equivalent uncovered portfolio. The Fund is part of the Fidelity Sustainable Family of Funds and adopts a Sustainable Focused strategy under which a minimum of 90% of the Fund's net assets will be analysed as to whether they maintain sustainable characteristics and a minimum of 70% of the Fund's net assets will be invested in securities deemed to maintain sustainable characteristics. The average ESG rating of the Fund will exceed the average ESG rating of the Fund's investment universe after the exclusion of 20% of the assets with the lowest ESG ratings. The Fund is actively managed and aims to provide income with the potential for some capital growth. Income will typically be in excess of MSCI ACWI Index (the "Index"). The Index constituents are representative of the type of companies the Fund invests in. The Fund's performance can be assessed against its Index. The Investment Manager has a wide range of discretion relative to the Index. While the Fund will hold assets that are components of the Index, it also is expected to invest in issuers, sectors, countries and security types that have different weightings from, and may not be included in, the Index in order to take advantage of investment opportunities. It is expected that over long time periods, the Fund's performance will differ from the Index. However, over short time periods, the Fund's performance may be close to the Index, depending on market conditions. The Fund may invest its net assets directly in China A and B Shares. The Investment Manager is free to select equity securities of any company and is not restricted in its discretion to tactically allocate to any particular geographical region, industry sector or companies with a particular market capitalisation if it believes that, relative to other equities, they may offer greater potential for income and capital growth. Shareholders' attention is drawn to the fact that the Index is not an index which integrates environmental and social considerations. Instead, the Fund promotes environmental and social characteristics by adhering to the Fidelity Sustainable Family Framework, as described above.
Fund Information
  • Asset Class:Equities
  • Sector:Diversified
  • Geography:Global
  • Benchmark index:MSCI AC World Index (Net Total Return)
  • Launch Date:09 Jun 2021
  • Launch Price:
  • Fund Currency:USD
  • Fund Source: CASH
  • CPF Risk Classification:
  • Price Made Known On:Data Not Available
  • Price Type:Net Asset Value
  • Dealing Cut Off Time:3:00PM Spore Time
Minimum Investment AmountUSD 1000---
Minimum Subsequent InvestmentUSD 500---
Minimum Redemption Amount ($)/units0 Unit(s)---
Relevant Charges
POEMS Sales Charge0%---
Internal Switch-in Charge/Min Switch-in Charge0.00 % / $ 0.00---
External Switch-in ChargeNA---
Redemption/Realisation ChargeNA---
Annual Management Fee---
Annual Trustee Fee---
Expense Ratio-
Fund Manager Sales ChargeNA---
Admin FeeNA---
Period Performance (%) Volatility (%) Ratio
1 Year NA NA NA
2 Years NA NA NA
3 Years NA NA NA
5 Years NA NA NA
10 Years NA NA NA

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Morningstar Ratings
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5 Years
10 Years