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  • 5 Possible Black Swan Events In 2020

    Allen Tan | Senior Dealer |  | Jan 13, 2020

    Black Swan is a term used to define an event that is beyond prediction at the point it occurred and usually comes with severe consequences. While black swan events are rare and unpredictable, Nassim Taleb stated in his book that it is still important to anticipate such events and make plans accordingly1. The U.S. subprime…Read More

  • What is One-Click Trading and How to Execute it in POEMS Mercury?

    POEMS Marketing Team |  |  | Jan 7, 2020

    A trader needs to execute trades in a speedy and timely manner to seize opportunities and react quickly to changes in the market. Speed is an important element in active trading, especially when traders typically analyse trends, search for new opportunities and anticipate the right time to place trades. What is One-Click Trading? One-Click Trading…Read More

  • Key Events for 2020: What Should Investors Look Out For?

    Global Markets Team |  |  | Dec 23, 2019

    Trade wars and geopolitical tensions in 2019 muted global economic activity and created a volatile stock market. In fact, consequential events such as the on-going trade war between China and United States and months of prolonged protest in Hong Kong resulted in the IMF taking a step back on its growth global forecast1, as well…Read More

  • Getting Started in ESG Investing

    Luke Lim | Managing Director |  | Dec 6, 2019

    Doing good with my hard earned money As a parent, my biggest wish is for my children to be responsible with their money. This is why I gave them 3 piggy banks; for long-term and short-term savings as well as for donations or giving. Singapore was built on the philanthropy and kindness of Singaporean businessmen…Read More

  • Short Selling With CFDs

    Contracts for Differences (CFD) Team |  |  | Nov 13, 2019

    It is evident that financial markets move in cycles. As the saying goes “What goes up, must come down”. Investors who spend time studying the price movement and cycles of the assets they intend to invest in could be rewarded with profits earned from uptrends and downtrends. If you have never attempted short-selling before, maybe…Read More

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