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  • 股市新宠 – 数据中心

    郭莉菁(Ann Kok Lai Ching) | POEMS交易团队交易员 |  | Jun 19, 2017

    在这科技发达的时代,透过网络我们可以获得各方面的资讯。从生活,商业到政治,我们都得利用资讯,而这些资讯其实是由数据演变而来的。这解释了数据中心的存在性。简单地说,数据中心是收集与分析数据,然后再把它转换成我们所得到的资讯。 在2015年,新加坡资通讯部(Ministry of Communications and Information)推出资通讯媒体产业2025...Read More

  • 3 Market News to start your trading week – 05/06/17

    Mr Siew Wei En Samuel | Equity Dealer |  | Jun 5, 2017

    This trading week may prove to be exciting to many due to various events which happened over the weekend and also the upcoming events this week. The following news may have the most impact to the global and regional markets. 1) US Job Reports failed to Match Expectations The US economy added 138,000 jobs in…Read More

  • 4 Reasons to Invest in Stocks Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    Chiang Jin Liang | POEMS Dealer |  | May 29, 2017

    Gloomy industries outlooks from the oil and gas, property and banking, coupled with lukewarm political ties with China are undermining growth prospects for Singapore’s economy. Investors may consider investing into regional markets as a form of diversification and to tap into China’s one belt one road initiative. Investing in stocks listed on the Hong Kong…Read More

  • Comparison of Retail REITs and Croesus Retail Trust Q3 2017 Earnings

    Mr Michael Tay | Equity Dealer |  | May 15, 2017

    Croesus Retail Q3 2017 Earnings Update For this week, I will be posting an earnings update on Croesus Retail Trust (CRT), which announced their third quarter earnings. CRT is the first Asia Pacific retail business trust listed on SGX with an initial focus in Japan. Currently their portfolio of core assets are derived there but…Read More

  • Market Update 8/5/17

    Mr Siew Wei En Samuel | Equity Dealer |  | May 8, 2017

    1) How do you expect STI to perform in the coming week? Today STI rose slightly mainly due to the results of the French presidential election which is in line with analysts’ expectations. Other Asian markets were also impacted by it, such as the HSI which rose approximately 0.4% and the Nikkei 225 index which…Read More

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