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  • Estate Planning for Property Owners in Singapore

    Irene Yee | Certified Financial Planner, MBus | Affiliate of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) | Jun 1, 2020

    In land-scarce Singapore, residential properties are highly regarded and usually the biggest investment for most Singaporeans. While most of these properties are HDB (Housing & Development Board) flats, a significant portion comprises private properties ranging from condominiums to landed properties. You may hear remarks from friends or relatives that they “don’t have much except for…Read More

  • 6 reasons why you should start a Share Builders Plan now!

    Share Builders Plan (SBP) Team |  |  | Jun 1, 2020

    Here are 6 reasons why you should start a Share Builders Plan (SBP) now! Start from as low as $100 per counter and kick-start your investment journey. 1. Good for beginners New to investing? Facing a dilemma of what stocks to pick, fret not, we have a wide range of shares and funds available. If…Read More

  • Top 3 Reasons to use OCO Orders!

    Lee Yong Shern | Dealer |  | May 29, 2020

    As a CFD trader, have you ever experienced the need for an order type that sets two orders concurrently, one to take profit and the other to cut loss, and the order gets cancelled when the other is filled? Do you wish for a risk management tool that can help you to manage your trading…Read More

  • Investing during Volatile Times

    Regular Savings Plan (RSP) Team |  |  | May 27, 2020

    Market volatility is inevitable as it is natural for markets to respond, move up and down within a short time span. As such, timing the market can be extremely difficult during uncertain times. One way is to maintain a long-term horizon and ignore the short-term fluctuations by considering the following so as to protect our…Read More

  • Aerospace and Defence Industry – Soaring Above the Horizon

    Mr. Joel Lim | ETF Specialist |  | May 27, 2020

    Summary Donald Trump’s presidential victory in 2016 has led to a pro-military administration and resulted in the exponential growth of Aerospace and Defence (A&D) stocks over the past five years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the growth trajectory of the A&D industry off course. Most A&D companies have established economic moat to aid in…Read More

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