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  • Managing Trades and Investments: What’s the Difference?

    Jonathan Yang | Student, Singapore Management University | Winner of the Phillip Youth Stocks Challenge 2018 | Dec 3, 2018

    The Psyche of Traders and Investors In the world of stocks and shares, it is important to recognise that rules for managing trades are different from that of managing investments. The Phillip Youth Stocks Challenge 2018 was a long-only trading competition over a three-week period. This provided opportunity for a suboptimal strategy given that the…Read More

  • How to Build Wealth: Lessons Learnt

    Gerald Chan | Student, Nanyang Technological University | Winner of the Phillip Youth Wealth Challenge 2018 | Nov 23, 2018

    PhillipCapital’s Youth Wealth Challenge 2018 competition has truly been an immersive and enriching experience for me. And I’m certain the principles I’ve learnt will serve me well on my personal wealth building journey. As a young adult about to embark on my career after graduation, I understand that the key to effective wealth planning is…Read More

  • What You Should Know about the South Korea Market

    Global Markets Team |  |  | Nov 16, 2018

    Did you know that South Korea’s economy currently ranks 12th in the world by nominal gross domestic product (GDP)? As an economic powerhouse, South Korea is a stable high-income developed country and a member of the Next Eleven countries, also known as N-11. This is a term coined by Goldman Sachs to represent eleven countries…Read More

  • Many Flavours of CFD

    Tan Chek Ann | Senior Dealer |  | Nov 9, 2018

    The US S&P 500 fell 6.9% in October. The last time we saw a decline of this magnitude was in 2011. If we stretch data as far back as 1992, such an occurrence happened in only 15 out of 300-over months. Should we worry? Not really. This is just a little speck in the grand…Read More

  • Trump in this Volatile Market (US Edition)

    Allen Tan | Dealer |  | Oct 31, 2018

    Before investors had enough time to cheer for the all-time high recorded in early October 2018, market turbulence ensued, creating a nightmarish scenario for investors – perhaps the market’s macabre way of marking Halloween! All 3 indices – the S&P 500, Dow & NASDAQ, marched their way into correction territory; plunging by approximately 10% from…Read More

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