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  • Good Business = Good Investment? Think Again!

    Tan Chek Ann |  |  | Oct 8, 2018

    Working in the financial market giving commentaries can be a challenge. Although this is an extremely broad field, people expect us to be subject matter experts on EVERYTHING. You can argue that this is what we are paid to do – to know. Admitting “we don’t know” is one of the ways we can raise…Read More

  • The Law of Large Numbers

    Tan Chek Ann |  |  | Oct 1, 2018

    In an earlier article I wrote “Beating the Efficient Market Hypothesis” where I tested for “momentum” in the markets, one of our readers responded by emailing in: Yes, it was by design that I did it in deciles. Also I have more than two hundred stocks per decile per rebalancing period. But why so many?…Read More

  • Rise of the Smart Beta ETFs

    Mr. Joel Lim  | ETF Specialist |  | Sep 27, 2018

    Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are gaining popularity amongst investors as a cost-effective investment tool to gain exposure to index performance and achieve diversification. However, one of the fastest growing segments of the ETF industry has to be the Smart Beta ETFs. To illustrate the industry’s exponential growth, total Assets under Management (AUM) for Smart Beta…Read More

  • 3 Things to Know Before Investing in Vietnam

    Global Markets Team |  |  | Sep 17, 2018

    Vietnam’s economy has come a long way. The developing country faced multiple obstacles through the years, going through wars and crises. Despite numerous hardships, the Vietnam market has gained growth momentum, becoming an investment destination for many. Just take a look at the Vietnam Index, which has outperformed its Asian peers for the past 5…Read More

  • Picking Stocks at 52 Week Low: What You Should Know

    Phoebe Yeo Jia Ying | Equities Specialist  | Phillip Securities Pte Ltd | Sep 6, 2018

    It has been proven over the years that value-oriented strategies beat the market over a longer time horizon. These strategies include, but are not limited to, selecting stocks based upon low ratios of price to book, price to earnings, price to cash flow and price to sales. Price to Book Price to book ratio (P/B)…Read More

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