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  • Sheng Siong 2Q17 Earning Updates

    Mr Michael Tay | Equity Dealer |  | Jul 31, 2017

    Consumer staples companies have always form a resilient part of one’s portfolio. Today, I will be giving an update on Sheng Siong latest earnings and insights which investors should be aware of when you are investing into this company. Based on the earnings reported last Thursday, Sheng Siong has: 1) Grown its 3Q Revenue by…Read More

  • Union Gas Holdings IPO: Investment Merits and Risks

    Chiang Jin Liang | POEMS Dealer |  | Jul 20, 2017

    Netlink NBN trust IPO did not gain traction and closed at IPO price on the first day of listing. Recent IPO listing performances have been mixed. Notably, UnUsUal, Sanli Environmental and Kimly put up stellar performances. The next upcoming IPO is Union gas holdings (UGH). UGH has a 40 years track record of providing fuel…Read More

  • Netlink NBN Trust IPO

    Mr Michael Tay | Equity Dealer |  | Jul 10, 2017

    The internet has formed an integral part of our lives, ranging from personal entertainment to business needs. In this week’s article, I will be sharing some information and my personal opinion on Singapore largest IPO since 2013 – Netlink NBN Trust. Netlink is the foundation of Singapore’s Next Generation Broadband Network, which supplies high speed…Read More

  • 2 ways to beat the fear of missing out

    Mr Timothy Ang | Equity Dealer |  | Jul 7, 2017

    As market participants, we all share the experience of missing out on a trade, be it because prices did not hit our entry target, or because we were too afraid to place the trade. We have all felt the frustration and the desire to kick ourselves for not entering the trade before the big move,…Read More

  • Internet and Technology Sector 1H2017 Review: Are They Overvalued?

    Chiang Jin Liang | POEMS Dealer |  | Jun 21, 2017

    US listed internet and technology stocks experienced a sharp reversal on 9 Jun 17. Asia markets followed suit the next trading day. Notably Tencent closed the day with a 2.5% decline and dragged down Hang Seng Index. The sharp reversal sparked overvaluation concerns from investment banks and sceptics. According to a report by CNBC, a…Read More

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