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Trading off the Gold-Silver Ratio

Alefiya | Intern | POEMS

  • The gold-silver ratio is the measure of current gold price divided by current silver price, which shows how much more expensive gold is in comparison to silver.
  • When the ratio is abnormal, we can read the trends to decide if we should enter into a long trade or short our gold and silver stocks.
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Invest in Gold using your CPF/SRS!

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Technical Analysis Report

Technical analysis: S&P 500, Gold and Dollar Index – With Taper expected, Bonds Calm and Equities Weak

Chua Wei Ren | Research Analyst | Phillip Securities Research

Read the latest technical analysis report by our Technical Analyst Wei Ren, as he shares more about the expected taper as well as how it affects the S&P 500, Gold and Dollar Index!

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5 Reasons Why Gold Should Be in Your Portfolio

Commodities CFD Product Information

Why Trade Gold & Silver CFDs?

  • Leverage: As commodities CFD is a leveraged product traded on margin, customers only pay a fraction of the contract value to gain exposure to the underlying commodity contract.
  • Alternative Investment: Commodities’ value is typically not driven by the same factors that affect the prices of other asset classes such as stocks or bonds. Hence, commodities may serve as a good instrument to diversify one’s portfolio.
  • No Storage Cost: Commodities CFD is a derivative; therefore customers do not actually own the commodity. Investors can gain exposure to price changes in the underlying commodity and avoid the risks and costs involved in owning physical commodities at the same time.

Gold & Silver CFDs

ProductValue of 1 Index PointContract SizeMargin RequirementsOrder Submission RangeMarket Trading HoursSettlement CurrencyDividend Adjustment
Gold USD1 CFDUS$1US$1 x Gold USD1 CFD Price x Quantity20%+/- 20% from bid/ask spread 07:01 – 04:00 (DS)
07:01 – 05:00 (NDS)
US DollarsNo
Gold USD100 CFDUS$100US$100 x Gold USD100 CFD Price x Quantity
Silver USD50 CFDUS$50US$50 x Silver USD50 CFD Price x Quantity

Gold Miner ETF CFDs

Name Code Market Industry Margin Requirement Traded Currency
VanEck Vectors Gold Miners GDX US Gold Miner ETF 20% USD
VanEck Vectors JR Gold Miner GDXJ US Gold Miner ETF 20% USD

Gold Mining Equity CFDs

Name Code Market Industry Margin Requirement Traded Currency
Barrick Gold Corp GOLD US Gold Mining 25% USD
Newmont Goldcorp NEM US Gold Mining 15% USD
CNMC Goldmine CGH.SG SG Gold Mining 30% SGD

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Why Trade Contracts For Differences (CFDs)?

ETF Product Information

Physical Gold Backed ETFs:

New to Physical Gold Backed ETFs?

  • Physical Gold Backed ETFs are convenient and cost efficient investment vehicles for investors to gain exposure to gold without having to pay for the logistic and insurance costs of holding physical gold.
  • With Physical Gold Backed ETFs, investors can now easily buy and sell shares of the ETFs on exchanges and take advantage of the strategic and tactical properties of gold as a unique asset class for their investment portfolio.
    ETFSPDR Gold SharesSPDR Gold MiniSharesiShares Gold Trust
    TickerGLDO87 | GSDNEW28401326GLDMIAU
    AUM (USD)57.13 Billion6.22 Billion25.94 Billion
    Expense ratio0.40%0.10%0.25%
    Board Lot Size115111

Gold Miner ETFs:

New to Gold Miners ETFs?

  • Gold Miners ETFs are “highly leveraged” financial products due to the underlying nature of the gold mining industry. The high operational and financial fixed cost of the gold miners result in gold miners’ earnings to be highly susceptible to fluctuation in gold prices.
  • Gold Miners ETFs’ share prices tend to be more volatile than Physical Gold Backed ETFs because of company-specific factors of the underlying companies. This mean that small changes in gold price can result in much larger differences in their net income and valuation multiples.
  • Gold Miners ETFs can be potential tactical instrument for investors to take advantage of rising gold price and for traders to profit from excess return relative to gold price.
    ETFVanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETFsVanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF
    Trading CurrencyUSDUSD
    AUM (USD)12.84 Billion4.33 Billion
    Expense ratio0.51%0.52%
    Board Lot Size11

Data as of 13 December 2023

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Futures and Spot Bullion Product Information

Trade a diverse range of precious metals products, get access to Spot/Futures/Low-leveraged gold & silver products, even physical gold.

Why Trade Gold & Silver with Phillip Futures?

  • Diverse range of products: Trade a whole range of gold and silver products that caters to your individual needs.
  • Trade precious metals on margin: Trade Spot gold and silver to gain full exposure with a small initial deposit.
  • Low spreads: Trade with spreads as low as $0.3 for Spot gold.

New to Gold/Silver trading?

Gold and silver are precious metals, highly sought after as safe-haven products and a store of value.

  • Spot Gold and Silver: Gold and Silver prices are quoted and traded against the US dollar. Phillip Futures offers spot gold and silver bullion in the following contract sizes: Regular, Mini & Micro.
  • Gold & Silver Futures: Contracts with the precious metals itself as underlying assets. With commodities gaining popularity as an important alternative asset, you can now invest in Gold & Silver futures to enhance your portfolio diversification, hedge against inflation or your physical precious metal holdings, and potentially obtain returns while doing so.
  • Gold Direct Investment (GDI) & Silver Direct Investment (SDI): Enables you to invest in the value of Gold and Silver with lower leverage. This is mainly suited for investors that have a longer tenure in their investments. The benefits of GDI/SDI, compared to conventional gold saving schemes offered in banks, will be the 0 commission trading, market that is open 24 hours/5 days a week and it has one of the lowest cost for gold investments in the market.

Spot Precious Metals:

Loco London GoldXAU/USD100 t.oz10 t.oz1 t.oz
Loco London SilverXAG/USD5000 t.oz500 t.oz50 t.oz
Loco Zurich PlatinumXPT/USD100 t.oz10 t.oz1 t.oz
Loco Zurich PalladiumXPD/USD100 t.oz10 t.oz1 t.oz

Gold & Silver Futures:

ProductExchangeTrading HoursCurrencyContract SizeTick Value
GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD100 t. ozUS$10
E-mini GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD50 t.ozUS$12.50
Micro GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD10 t.ozUS$1
Mini-Sized GoldICE US0800-0600USD32.15 fine t.ozUS$3.215
Shanghai GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD32.15 t.ozUS$3.215
Shanghai GoldCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)CNH1000 grams50CNH
Gold Kilo FuturesCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD32.15 t.ozUS$3.215
SilverCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD5000 t.ozUS$25
1000 Oz. SilverCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD1000 t.ozUS$10
E-mini SilverCOMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD2500 t.ozUS$31.25
PalladiumNYMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD100 t.ozUS$5
PalladiumNYMEX0600-0500 (Globex)USD50 t.ozUS$5

Gold & Silver Direct Investment:

Gold Direct Investment (GDI)Silver Direct Investment (SDI)
ProductSpot GoldSpot Silver
Trading Hours23 Hours
Lot/Contract Size1 Troy Oz50 Troy Oz
Initial InvestmentUSD1,899.89*
(99.99% of the notional value)
(99.99% of the notional value)
Admin Fee1% p.a on daily settlement price

Unit Trust Commodities Product Information

Gold Miner Unit Trusts

New to Gold Miner Unit Trust?

  • Gold Miner Unit Trusts generally invest in companies whose predominant economic activity is gold-mining.
  • In Unit Trust investments, fund managers adopt active management and actively pick the companies to outperform fund’s benchmark over time. Active management provides fund manager the flexibility to hold cash in a down market, and buy low during periods of heighted market volatility. Thus, fund manager plays a pivotal role in the fund performance.
  • Gold Miner Unit Trusts offer various currency share classes that are different than their base currency. SGD hedged share class will help investors reduce the impact of SGD currency movement against other currencies that may have on an investor’s returns. In an unhedged SGD share class, investor will be exposed to FX gains or losses.
  • When gold prices fluctuate, gold mining companies may move faster in the same direction than anticipated by investors as there is a high positive correlation between them. Therefore, the investment returns for gold mining companies tend to more volatile.

BlackRock World Gold

DWS Noor Precious Metals Securities Fund Class

FTIF Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund

  • The fund’s principal investment objective is capital appreciation. Its secondary objective is income. Under normal market conditions, the fund invests principally its net assets in securities issued by gold and precious metals operation companies. The fund principally invests in equity and/or equity-related securities such as common stocks, preferred stocks, warrants and convertible securities issued by gold and precious metals operation companies located anywhere in the world (including Emerging Markets) and across the entire market capitalization spectrum, including small-cap and medium-cap companies, as well as in American, Global and European Depositary Receipts.
    Fund NameCurrencyMin Investment AmountFund Source
    FTIF Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fd A (Acc) SGDSGD1000Cash & SRS only

Schroder ISF Glb Gold Fd

  • The fund aims to provide capital growth by investing in equities of companies in the gold industry. The fund invests at least two-thirds of its assets in equities of companies world wide involved in the gold industry. It will also invest directly in equities relating to other precious metals and indirectly in gold and other precious metals through funds. The fund may hold up to 40% of its assets in cash. The fund will not be exposed to any physical commodities directly, nor enter into any contracts relating to physical commodities. The fund may use derivatives with the aim of reducing risk or managing the fund more efficiently.
    Fund NameCurrencyMin Investment AmountFund Source
    Schroder ISF Glb Gold Fd A Acc SGD HedgedSGD1500Cash only
    Schroder ISF Glb Gold Fd A Acc USDUSD1000Cash only
    Schroder ISF Global Gold Fd EUR Hedged A AccEUR1000Cash only

UOB United Gold & Gen Fd

  • The fund aims to achieve returns on investment mainly in securities of corporations (whether or not listed on any stock exchange, and in any part of the world) whose business (in any part of the world) is or is substantially in the mining or extraction of gold, silver or precious metals (e.g. platinum, palladium, rhodium etc.), bulk commodities (e.g. coal, iron ore, steel etc), base metals of all kinds (e.g. copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc, lead, tin etc.), and other commodities (e.g. industrial minerals, titanium dioxide, borates etc.) and it includes the mining or extraction of oil, gas, coal, alternative energy or other commodities or other minerals, and other Authorised Investments as set out in Clause 1 of the Deed and as described in paragraph 20.6 of this Prospectus.
    Fund NameCurrencyMin Investment AmountFund Source
    UOB United Gold & Gen FdSGD1000Cash & SRS only

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