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Can I change the duration after which POEMS Mobile 3 automatically logs me out?

You may change your session timeout via Settings > Account & Security > Session Timeout.

Why am I seeing delayed prices for foreign markets?

It is likely that your POEMS Account does not have live price access for the respective market. To subscribe for live price, simply log in to POEMS 2.0, go to ‘Market Data & Rewards’ tab, select ‘New Subscription’ and locate the live price you wish to subscribe.

For more information of market data subscription, please click here


What are the charges involved to appeal for a CASH contract to settle using CPF/SRS funds?

There will be a non-refundable handling charge of $50 (before GST, inclusive of bank charges) for each request. Your request is subject to the approval of your CPF/SRS bank.

How do I opt-out of Securities Lending?

You may inform your trading representative or our SBL Desk via email that you wish to opt-out as a lender. This will serve as a standing instruction that you do not wish to on-lend any of your securities custodised with Phillip Securities. You may retain your SBL account for securities borrowing purposes.

How do I know which securities I have lent?

You may view by logging into POEMS online under Scrip position for the securities and quantity that is loaned out.

For client who transferred shares into your SBL account, you can check your lending position by logging into POEMS Online, in the SBL module at www.poems.com.sg, which sets out the securities lent, quantity as well as the lending rate secured.

Why am I unable to redeem the Ryde+ Subscription?

Each customer can only redeem a maximum of one subscription.