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Why am I still unable to trade in the US Market even after subscribing to the US Live Prices?

Kindly please be inform that in order to trade in US market, you will need to submit the W8BEN form to activate the US trading facility. Please click here for the form. For further queries, please contact 6531 1555

If I do not subscribe to the US Live Prices, can I continue to trade in US Market using POEMS platform?

Yes, you can submit order via Trade / PRICE page (Provided that you have accepted the Exchange Subscriber Agreement).

Can I withdraw the funds in my account?

Yes, you may withdraw the amount reflected under ‘Cash Balance’ after taking into consideration any amount pending settlement of outstanding transactions (subject to the maximum available amount computed based on SGD equivalent).

What is ‘Available Cash without Margin facility’ under the ‘Trading’ label?

For a margin and Cash+ account, this represents the amount available for trading if client does not wish to trade on margin/leverage.

What is ‘Available Cash’ under the ‘Trading’ label?

For a margin and Cash+ account, this represents the amount that is available for trading on margin/leverage.

For other account types, this represents the amount of cash balance in the account that is available for trading.

What is the fee for withdrawal of cash balance from my Cash Trading Account?

Phillip Securities charges a service fee of SGD20 (subject to GST) for each SGD cheque withdrawal request.

To avoid this charge, please ensure that your Cash Trading Account is linked with EPS/GIRO and you can check by logging in to www.poems.com.sg > My Settings > My Account > Bank A/C Information.

To update/apply for EPS linkage, please submit an online application by logging in to www.poems.com.sg > Acct Mgmt > Stocks > Online Forms > EPS Form.