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For Password Reset on POEMS 3 Mobile App, what is the difference between the Account, Mobile and Email Options?

The ‘Account’ option is for existing POEMS account holders who login with their POEMS Account numbers to reset their password.

The ‘Mobile’ and ‘Email’ options are for new POEMS Mobile 3 users who login with their Mobile or Email to reset their password.

Please note that if you are an existing client who use the POEMS Account number to login, you will not be able to reset password with the Mobile and Email options on the POEMS 3 Mobile App.

Why does it ask me to reset passwords for all accounts on POEMS Mobile 3.0 and not on POEMS Mobile 2.0?

Only the newest POEMS 3 Mobile App provides the option to reset the password for all accounts that belongs to you.

Where can I find this Online Password Reset Service?

There are two ways to reset your password.

1) POEMS website:

- Visit our Online Password Reset service by clicking here.
- Select the option for Email or Post.
- Enter your POEMS Account number.
- Answer the security questions and follow the rest of the steps as indicated on the screen.

2) POEMS Mobile Apps:

- Launch your POEMS Mobile App and select ‘Forgot Password?’

Are contract amendments allowed for my CPF / SRS trades after the Trade Day (e.g. amend account or brokerage)?

Amendments are not allowed after the trade date.

Why are there separate brokerage charges for my partial CPF / SRS revoked contract?

For payments using 2 different settlement modes (e.g. Cash, CPF or SRS), there will be 2 contracts created and each contract is subjected to standard brokerage fees and charges.

Can I request for a specific contract quantity to revoke?

No, as this is subjected to the bank’s decision which is final and not debatable. For further enquiries, we will advise you to check with your operating bank.