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POEMS 2.0 (commonly known as P2) has been launched for more than 4 years. It served the everyday needs of the majority of our clients preferring an in-browser trading platform. Nevertheless, we were still not satisfied and felt that there are things that can be improved upon. Through testing and our constant conversations with different types of clients like yourself, we identified areas where the platform is lacking and sought to improve on them.

The goal we had when we were redesigning P2 is to help you trade simpler, better and faster. This means giving you access to the modules and functions you use the most, letting you find the information you need for your trading decisions more easily and as much as possible, getting out of your way to make your entire trading experience smooth and seamless.

We are committed to making your trading experience a pleasant one. Improving P2 is an ongoing process. Do stay tuned as we work to bring you a better platform.

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Look and Feel

Cleaner lines

When redesigning POEMS 2.0, one of the question we asked ourselves is, “how can we make it easier for you to find things?”. To do this, we removed unnecessary distractions like shadows on menu bars and behind widgets, thick borders, 3D objects. The result is a better overall visual experience

Better readability

We also studied the spacing of texts, fields, columns etc. on P2 and looked into how the information displayed on our platform can be seen more easily. Colours and fonts were chosen carefully, to enable better readability. So that you can focus on what matters most.

Reduced space wastage

We understand that as traders, every inch of real estate on your screen is very precious. That’s why we tried relentlessly to reduce space wastage wherever possible. For example, we reduced the rows of items at the top from 3 to 2, giving you some extra space for your workspace.

Welcome Page

Trade (LP2) tab

The first page you will see when you enter P2 is the Trade (LP2) tab. This tab allows you access to the most commonly used functions in P2 – viewing prices, placing buy/sell trades, monitoring your orders and staying up to date with news.


With the new P2 View Price module, multi-asset classes such as Stocks, CFDs, Futures and Unit Trust are only one click away. Now, it is even easier to diversify your portfolio.

Smart Search

Searching for a product-specific instrument is now faster with smart search. When in the product sub-tab, we will show you the search results that are most relevant first.

Product Priority

Your product sub-tabs can easily be re-ordered. An avid forex trader? Simply drag and drop your tab to the preferred location.

Global Watchlist

Watchlist sub-tab

We know watchlists are an important part of traders – this is where you keep those instruments that are of interest to you, be it the stock whose price that you want to keep an eye on or the currency pair that you are monitoring prior to that big announcement… Now, Global Watchlist is the first sub-tab on your View Price module.

Managing watchlists

We added a short-cut to let you quickly add counters to your watchlists: simply mouse over the preferred counter while browsing through product sub-tabs and click on the orange +Watchlist button.

Trade Widget

Refreshed Look and Feel

We revamped the interface of the Trade Widget in POEMS 2.0 to bring consistency with our POEMS Mobile 2.0’s Trade Ticket. You can now view the various trade options (Payment Type, Settlement Currency, Order Validity) available at a glance.

Order Status

Less space for menu, more space for information

We also relooked into making the order status module more space efficient. The menu and functionalities now take up less space (2 rows, vs 5 rows previously), leaving more space for you to see the information critical to your trading.

Double rows, double efficiency

We reorganised the order status information into a double row format so that more columns can fit into the same space. For example, we combined Price and Quantity into one column. Now, you can be more efficient by scrolling less and seeing more details at one glance.

Key information first

We reordered the order status information to ensure that the key information such as name of instrument and date & time are shown upfront first. Of course, you may change it to how you prefer – simply drag and drop to reorder.

Tabs and Widgets

Specially handpicked modules

P2 has a wide selection of widgets ranging from charting to trading tools. Based on conversations with clients like yourself, we shortlisted a handful that we believe will be most useful for you. And yes, you may reorder if necessary.

Grouped by function

Having so many modules readily available was not an easy task. To allow you to find them easily, the modules are grouped by their functionalities – charting tools like Chart-Live and ChartWhiz can be found under Chart, whereas News & Research contained materials such as Stock Analytics and Research Reports.


Choose from suggested tabs

You may choose to create additional tabs on top of those that we have handpicked. Simply click the + button on the tabs menu. You will notice that we have a number of suggestions for you. Feel free to explore and find those that best suits your needs.

Build your own from all-new widget store

Alternatively, you may build your own tabs from widgets found in our all-new widget store! Simply click the Add Widget button at the top right corner of a new tab and the widget store will appear. You may choose to either drag and drop widgets to your preferred location or click on them to add to your workspace.

Search or browse by function

The widgets in the widget store are organised by their functionalities. Alternatively, you can use search for widgets by entering related keywords in the search bar at the top of the widget store.

Menu Bar

Alerts moved up

We made some changes to the top menu bar to enable you to access some of the most commonly used settings quickly and easily. For example, we moved alerts from the bottom right-hand corner to the top right-hand corner so that you can see your unread notifications easily.

Settings is now consolidated

We revised the Settings menu and consolidated it into one window. Switch to light theme (better for darker screens or daytime use) , change your language or font sizes, or other details such as password, alert settings, trade settings etc. You can even open a dual screen – a useful feature if you are using more than 1 monitor.

Contact us and Help moved into My Settings

Need help or looking to contact us? The information can now be found under My Settings.