Fidelity – Repurpose of Fidelity Funds (SICAV)

Notice to Shareholders

Please find the changes to a selection of Fidelity Funds

Repurposed Funds

Current Fund New name Effective Date Accompanying Shareholder Letter And Appendix
Fidelity Funds — Future Connectivity Fund Fidelity Funds — Sustainable Future Connectivity Fund 2 September 2021
Fidelity Funds — Global Consumer Industries Fund Fidelity Funds — Sustainable Consumer Brands Fund 4 October 2021
Fidelity Funds — American Diversified Fund Fidelity Funds — Sustainable US Equity Fund 26 October 2021
Fidelity Funds — Australia Fund Fidelity Funds — Australian Diversified Equity Fund 26 October 2021
Fidelity Funds — Euro Blue Chip Fund Fidelity Funds — Sustainable Europe Equity Fund 28 October 2021
Fidelity Funds — Multi Asset Income Fund Fidelity Funds — Sustainable Multi Asset Income Fund 28 October 2021

Note: *Effective dates are accurate at time of communication and may be updated where determined by the Board.

For more details, please read the shareholder notification letter , change of prospectus notification letter and appendix .

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